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Mother accused of trying to sew daughter’s mouth shut: 'I’m a good mother'


'Evil magic wand toy' sold at Dollar Store disturbs mom

Cast of 'Love Boat' reunites in Florida

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Much of the original cast of “The Love Boat” were joined by several of the show’s former guest stars to help christen a new line of cruise ships in Ft. Lauderdale, Wednesday.

The reunion included Gavin Macleod (Capt. Merrill Stubing), Lauren Tewes (Cruise Director Julie McCoy), Fred Grandy (Purser Gopher Smith), Bernie Kopell (Dr. Adam Bricker), Jill Whelan (Vicki Stubing), and Ted Lange (Bartender Isaac Washington).

People magazine reports that along with the crew, several of the show’s repeat guest stars were there as well, including 8-time guest star Charo.

The other stars in the reunion were Doris Roberts, Dick Van Patten, Joyce DeWitt, Charlene Tilton, Jamie Farr, Florence Henderson, Diane Ladd, Marion Ross, Kristy McNichol, Carol Lawrence, Lee Meriwether, Jeraldine Saunders, Lorenzo Lamas, Loni Anderson, MacKenzie Phillips, Adrian Zmed, Christopher Knight, Don Most and Tracy Nelson.

“Love Boat” aired from 1977-1987. If you are feeling nostalgic for the show, according to People, TV Guide Network is airing a marathon of “Love Boat” episodes through Thursday.

Thinking of snapping a voter selfie? Think again

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If you’re on social media, there's a good chance that some of your friends will post -- or try to post -- a photo of themselves voting. Or maybe you will.

But in some states, it could warrant a jail sentence. In others, like New York, there’s no law against it.

Florida law, for example, prohibits photography in the polling place and poll clerks will remind voters if they see them taking a picture, said Bill Cowles, supervisor of elections for Orange County.

Cowles said Orange County poll clerks have been trained to be on the look-out for voters snapping photos and will remind them not to do it again.

LINK: Read the law here

University of Central Florida student Ashlee Holloway waited until she was out of the voting booth and away from the polling site before she took a selfie with her "I Voted" sticker.

"I just wanted to prove to my mom that I voted. She was on me today like, 'Get up and vote,'" said Holloway.

Holloway said she didn't think it would be appropriate to take a photo while voting.

"It just seems like it's very roped off and it's very serious for a reason," said Central Florida student Joanna Gill.

News cameras are not allowed inside polling locations.

In New Hampshire, a law banning “ballot selfies” is being challenged by a lawsuit alleging that it compromises the right of free political speech in the state, according to Reuters.

#VoterSelfies have been big on social media on Election Day, but for now, be mindful that they’re not allowed inside a voting area in Florida. It could get you in trouble.


A man delivering sheet rock to a construction site in New Jersey was killed Monday when a tape measure fell 50 stories and hit him on the head, authorities said.


A woman attacked by an exotic animal at a zoo is out of the hospital and recovering Monday night.

Brittany Maynard, woman with terminal brain cancer, ends her own life

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Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old woman with terminal brain cancer who weeks ago announced plans to end her life, reportedly died Saturday. 

Maynard was diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma last spring and told she had six months left to live. She then decided to move to Oregon with her husband and mother to utilize Oregon's Death with Dignity Act. (Video via Compassion & Choices)

>> Social media reaction to the death of Brittany Maynard

She eventually started an online video campaign for Compassion & Choices with the intent of expanding death with dignity laws nationwide. A spokesman from that group confirmed her death Sunday evening. 

Now, People quotes a post from Maynard's Facebook that reads: "Goodbye to all my dear friends and family that I love. Today is the day I have chosen to pass away with dignity in the face of my terminal illness, this terrible brain cancer that has taken so much from me … but would have taken so much more. ... Goodbye world. Spread good energy. Pay it forward!"

>> Previously: Terminally ill woman says now 'doesn't seem like the right time' to die

Brittany Maynard: "My goal of course is to influence this policy for positive change. I would like to see all Americans have access to the same health care rights."

Her movement started a conversation nationwide about dying in America and some media outlets point to a shift in national opinion.

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A social medical expert writes in The Washington Post, "We are beginning to focus on what patients want, on their right to self-determination. And people are increasingly asking why anyone — the state, the medical profession, religious leaders — would presume to tell someone else that they must continue to die by inches, against their will."

Five states in the U.S. have legislation in place that allows physicians to help patients end their lives in some circumstances. 


Lake County deputies said a man shot his girlfriend Thursday as she tried to get her things from the home they once shared near Mount Dora.


Woman who was planning her own death Nov. 1 has changed her mind.


Cellphone video captures unbelievable crash
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