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Ellen DeGeneres takes home 3 People's Choice Awards

Ellen DeGeneres set a record at the People's Choice Awards , becoming the winningest entertainer in the show's history.

DeGeneres picked up three trophies at Wednesday's ceremony for a career total of 20 People's Choice wins.

Other stars taking home crystal statuettes this year included Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp, Sofia Vergara, Kevin Hart, Melissa McCarthy and Justin Timberlake. Tyler Perry received the humanitarian award at the show, hosted by Joel McHale at the Microsoft Theatre and broadcast on CBS.

A selected list of winners follows:

Movie: "Finding Dory"

Movie actor: Ryan Reynolds

Movie actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Action movie: "Deadpool"

Action movie actor: Robert Downey, Jr.

Action movie actress: Margot Robbie

Animated movie voice: Ellen DeGeneres, "Finding Dory"

Comedic movie actor: Kevin Hart

Comedic movie actress: Melissa McCarthy

Dramatic movie actor: Tom Hanks

Dramatic movie actress: Blake Lively

Movie icon: Johnny Depp

TV show: "Outlander"

Network TV comedy: "The Big Bang Theory"

Comedic TV actor: Jim Parsons

Comedic TV actress: Sofia Vergara

Network TV drama: "Grey's Anatomy"

TV crime drama: "Criminal Minds"

TV crime drama actor: Mark Harmon

TV crime drama actress: Jennifer Lopez

Competition TV show: "The Voice"

Daytime TV host: Ellen DeGeneres

Late night talk show host: Jimmy Fallon

Male music artist: Justin Timberlake

Female music artist: Britney Spears

Group: Fifth Harmony

Male country artist: Blake Shelton

Female country artist: Carrie Underwood

Country group: Little Big Town

Hip-hop artist: G-Eazy

R&B artist: Rihanna

Song: "Can't Fight the Feeling," Justin Timberlake

Social media celebrity: Britney Spears

Humanitarian: Tyler Perry

Obama praised for bridging gap between hip-hop, politics

Not only is President Barack Obama the nation's first black president, but it's safe to say he has been America's first hip-hop commander-in-chief.

Obama embraced hip-hop more than any of his predecessors: He's referenced Jay Z's lyrics and Kanye West in speeches, released playlists on Spotify that included Nas, Chance the Rapper, Mos Def and Method Man, and was caught dancing to Drake's "Hot Line Bling" at a White House event.

And in a recent televised concert celebrating the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Obama was shown rapping along when Public Enemy's Chuck D performed "Fight the Power."

Ice Cube called Obama an anomaly.

"It will probably be a long time before we see another president do something like this," the Hall of Fame rapper said. "It was kind of a now-or-never thing."

Throughout his presidency, which ends when President-elect Donald Trump takes office on Friday, Obama paved a way for several rap stars to enter the White House for political discussion and musical performances.

Concerts have taken place at the White House since the 1800s when President John Adams was the first occupant. A few rappers, such as Run-DMC, visited the mansion to meet previous presidents over the years.

But the Obama administration gave them a prominent role. In 2011, Common performed poetry at an event at the White House, though Big Sean's 2014 performance is considered by some to be the first true rap performance at there, when he joined Ariana Grande for "Right There."

Since then, a barrage of rappers have taken the stage there, including Wale and Kendrick Lamar, whom Obama has praised often (he cited Lamar's "How Much a Dollar Cost from the rapper's black-empowerment album "To Pimp a Butterfly" as his favorite song of 2015).

In November, BET saluted the Obamas with a star-studded concert celebrating a mixture of gospel, R&B and rap music; the president and first lady Michelle Obama joyously danced as De La Soul rapped their classic "Me Myself and I." Earlier this month, several hip-hop artists including Wale, Chance the Rapper and J. Cole took part in another private farewell jam at the White House.

Obama held up flash cards as "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda performed a freestyle rap in Rose Garden area of the White House. Mrs. Obama even got into the rap act, performing a comedic one with former "Saturday Night Live" star Jay Pharoah to promote her college initiatives. (The president never tried to rap publicly himself, admitting once: "That's one thing I can't do is rap. I like rap but I cannot rap.")

"Hip-hop doesn't hurt anybody," said Nas, who has visited the White House. "It helps people. Some of the nicest people in the world are hip-hop artists. (Obama) respects it. He loves it. It's a part of his world. He is hip-hop. He's a hip-hop fan that makes him relatable. It makes him real."

Last year, Obama invited several rappers — including Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Ludacris — to the White House to discuss different ways to continue the My Brother's Keeper initiative and spur justice reform in the United States.

"It was a gathering of the minds," said Ludacris, who was once criticized by Obama for his politically-themed rap song called "Politics" in 2008. "That was extremely important for hip-hop, because he's giving us a voice. He's done a great job of supporting hip-hop and certain artists, continuing to say we should put out positive messages. I think he's done enough. We've made strides."

Now, several rappers are paying homage to Obama. Lamar said hip-hop owes Obama some gratitude for giving rap artists an opportunity to visit the White House. Chance the Rapper joined actor Kenan Thompson saluting Obama's presidency in holiday-themed tribute "Jingle Barack" on "Saturday Night Live" last month.

DJ Khaled said he was honored to visit the White House for the My Brother's Keeper Initiative along with his rap cohorts.

"Obama always represents hip-hop in so many ways," Khaled said. "His playlist is hip-hop. I've been to the White House. I'm hip-hop. It was a major key for me. He represents all cultures. That's what a president is supposed to do."


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Caitlyn Jenner thinks the Republican Party needs help with LGBTQ issues

Caitlyn Jenner thinks she knows what the Republican Party needs.

Jenner took to Twitter on Wednesday to share her opinions on the Republicans and LGBTQ issues and was faced with a plethora of responses.

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"Republicans need help understanding LGBTQ issues and I'm here to help!" she tweeted Wednesday.

Republicans need help understanding LGBTQ issues and I'm here to help!— Caitlyn Jenner (@Caitlyn_Jenner) January 18, 2017

One follower responded, "good luck with that when they won't even let you use the proper bathroom."

Another follower also criticized the former Olympian, writing, "with respect, make sure you are fully versed in them before you 'help.' And Trump is NOT your friend."

Some of the backlash stems from Jenner's commitment to appear at the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump on Friday. A lifelong Republican, Jenner also presented a speech at last summer's Republican National Convention and stated her desire to become the party's "trans ambassador."

Before he was elected president, Donald Trump expressed support for Jenner and said in an April 2016 interview on the "Today Show" that she would be allowed to use any restroom she is comfortable with in the event she was in Trump Tower. 

Jenner took Trump up on the offer a week after the interview, using the restroom in Trump Tower and sharing a video of the before and after on her official Facebook page. She also used the video to take a dig at Trump's former political rival, Sen. Ted Cruz.

"Thank you, Donald, I really appreciate it," Jenner said, adding, "And by the way, Ted, nobody got molested."

Country Stars Shine at the 2017 People's Choice Awards [Pictures]

Country stars turned out in their finest at the 2017 People's Choice Awards.

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'A Dog's Purpose' producers respond to video of possible abuse, says German shepherd is fine

Video that emerged Wednesday of a German shepherd dog named Hercules was quickly called into question by some viewers.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ obtained video from the set of the upcoming film "A Dog's Purpose," that some viewers may find disturbing. It shows Hercules struggling with a person who appears to be a trainer trying to get the dog to jump into a pool of water that appears to be rigged to simulate rushing ocean waves.

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Some are claiming the dog may not have been treated humanely.

The Huffington Post reported that the final scene in the movie shows the shepherd rescuing a person from the waters. The scene was shot in Winnipeg, Canada, in November 2015.

Hercules can be seen resisting going into the water, while the trainer appears to try to ease him into the water by picking up the dog and dipping one of his back paws into the water. Eventually, the dog goes into the water with the nudging of the trainer and is submerged in the water before being pulled back out.

Another clip shows the dog in the water. He appears to go under the water as handlers rush to swim toward him and "Cut it!" can audibly be heard in the clip.

When TMZ first posted and reported about the video, Amblin Partners and Universal Pictures, the companies that created the film, said they would investigate the matter.

Hours later, producers of the film from Amblin reportedly told TMZ the dog had "several days of rehearsal of the water scenes to ensure (he) was comfortable with all of the stunts."

"On the day of the shoot, Hercules did not want to perform the stunt portrayed on the tape so the Amblin production team did not proceed with filming that shot."

The American Humane Association told the celebrity gossip site that a representative from the organization who was on set had been suspended after officials saw the video.

"We are placing the safety representative who was on the set on administrative leave immediately and are bringing in an independent third party to conduct an investigation into this matter," the organization told TMZ.

The AHA oversees safety guidelines for animal actors on movie sets, ensuring that no animals are harmed in the process of filming.

Blake Shelton Wins Big at 2017 People's Choice Awards

Blake Shelton took home two of the top prizes at the 2017 People's Choice Awards on Wednesday night (Jan. 18).

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Blake Shelton Debuts New Single at 2017 People's Choice Awards [Watch]

Blake Shelton took the stage at the 2017 People's Choice Awards on Wednesday night (Jan. 18) to perform his new single on what was already a very big night for the country star and TV host.

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Blake Shelton Performs New Single at the 2017 People's Choice Awards [WATCH]

Watch Blake Shelton perform "Every Time I Hear That Song" at the 2017 People's Choice Awards.

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