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Celebrity chef injured in gas explosion at new Bahamas restaurant

A South Florida chef who starred in a cable TV reality cooking show suffered third-degree burns Thursday after a gas explosion at his new restaurant in the Bahamas, Local 10 News in Miami reports.

Ralph Pagano was airlifted to a Miami hospital after the blast at Resorts World Bimini. He was turning on the kitchen's gas burners when the oven blew up.

"My hands were on fire, my shirt was on fire, my pants were on fire," Pagano told Local 10 News from Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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The chef, who starred in the Lifetime show “All Mixed Up,” suffered burns on his face, legs and hands. "I thought I was going to die," he said. "Luckily, I stopped, dropped and rolled."

"I'm going to need skin grafts and about a month in the hospital, but I'm alive," Pagano said.

Pagano has made other TV appearances, including competing on “Hell's Kitchen” and “Iron Chef.”

He owns several South Florida restaurants: Naked Taco in Miami Beach, Naked Lunch in Miami and Naked Crab in Fort Lauderdale.

He was opening a new Naked Taco location when the accident occurred

Police officer throws birthday party for homeless man

Odessa police Cpl. Roland Heyne first met Anthony Ramsey about a month ago at a convenience store he goes to while on duty. 

Ramsey, who’s homeless, left an indelible mark on Heyne.

 “A lot of people have had interactions (with Ramsey), where he’s given them a lot, and given them labor and assistance in things,” Heyne told KOSA. “I think to myself, Anthony, everything he owns is pretty much what you see on him right now. It’s what he’s wearing, it’s what he’s carrying with him and at the end of the night he has to sleep on the ground.”

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So, with help from his wife, Heyne assembled a cake, decorations and gifts, to give Ramsey a birthday to remember on Saturday. 

“I can’t believe it, everybody that’s done this for me, surprised me, and you know, I never had this done before,” Ramsey, who turned 37, told KOSA. “I appreciate the people who did this for me and really care about me.”

Ramsey rode his bicycle to the area looking for work about five months ago. He has gotten the occasional odd job but is hopeful for something more permanent.  

The Heyne family set up a PayPal account to help Ramsey as he searches for a job. Heyne is thankful for the support the community gave Ramsey for his birthday party.

“I think good people came together and saw a person that needed a good birthday and that’s what they did,” Heyne said. “Gave him a good birthday, I’m grateful for that.”

Aspiring singer found murdered in home, police say

Family and friends are mourning the loss of a beloved daughter who was found dead in her home on Friday night.

Egypt Covington, 27, is believed to have been murdered, police said. Covington was found dead by a friend, according to MLive.com.

Covington’s father, Chuck Covington, broke down during an interview with WJBK describing his daughter, who had a “smile that lightens up the room” and “lift(ed) people up.”

The grieving father urged the murderer to come forward and surrender to police.

“People wanted to be around her because she lifted us up, and that’s gone now,” he said tearfully. “They’ll never able to walk, think, talk, hold their head up because of what they know they did.”

So far, police have not said how Egypt Covington was killed and have approached the investigation in a “low-key” way, according to Chuck Covington, given the small-town setting.

Egypt Covington was known locally for her singing and won a “Country Idol” competition. 

Palmer House Bar & Grill, an employer of Egypt Covington, posted condolences on social media:

So stunned and saddened with the news that our Rave sales rep, Egypt Covington, was murdered in her home last night. Thoughts and prayers for her and her family and friends. She was a beautiful and bright human being and touched many lives.

White St. Louis officer shoots off-duty black cop in arm during shootout

A St. Louis police officer is recovering from a gunshot wound to the arm after being fired upon by a fellow officer while responding to a crime scene while off duty. A lawyer for the injured officer says it was the victim’s race that caused him to be the target of the bullet.

Last week, the unnamed officer saw and heard the end of a car chase in his neighborhood, according to KTVI. The officer, who was off-duty at the time, is black.

A stolen car with three suspects in it had crashed in his neighborhood, leading to a short exchange of gunfire between the suspects and the police. Two of those suspects have been arrested; one remains at large.

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When the off-duty officer heard the exchange, he equipped his service weapon and left his home to help the officers at the scene. When he approached the officers, he identified himself to two of them, who called him closer after recognizing him.

But a third officer, only identified as a white man who is an eight-year member of the department, fired on him. The unnamed officer has told police investigators that he “feared for his safety” and “did not recognize” the black off-duty officer.

The officers involved are on routine administrative leave while the incident is investigated.

The wounded officer is not giving interviews. His attorney, Rufus J. Tate, made the following statement:

In the police report you have so far, there is absolutely no description of any type of threat he perceived. So we have a real problem with that. But it also presents a bigger problem that has been a national discussion for the past two years — that’s this perception that a black man is automatically feared.

Woman lashes out about Confederate flag on man's 'Dukes of Hazzard' car

Activist Ybia Anderson confronted the unnamed owner of a replica General Lee muscle car at a heritage festival last Saturday and the resulting video has gone viral.

Anderson, who is black, began videoing the car, a 1969 Dodge Charger similar to the one featured on the television show "The Dukes of Hazzard" as it was “front and center, the first thing people see when they walk in” at the Highland Creek Heritage Festival in Toronto.

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Narrating, she also says on-camera that an unnamed man — possibly the owner of the vehicle — is attempting to “educate (her) on the Civil War.”

Anderson lays into the man for the Confederate flag proudly displayed on the car.

“People who look exactly like me and my son died, were murdered, because of that flag,” she told him. “They hung our people from trees until their eyes bugged out.” She tells him that he, a white man, cannot understand why the Confederate flag is offensive.

The increasingly emotional exchange gets the attention of two festival officials, both of whom attempt to handle it calmly. One of them is black.

Festival officials did apologize for the incident.

"We recognize that symbology can be profoundly evocative," Paul Maguire, chairman of the festival organization committee, wrote on social media. "We did not, and would not, choose to present any element that brings to mind one of the ugliest periods of human history. The committee uniformly decries all actions of hate, past and present."

Missing NC teen found safe in Georgia more than a year after she vanished

A missing North Carolina teenager, who vanished last year, has turned up at a home in Georgia.

Hailey Burns, now 17, has been reunited with her family at an undisclosed location in Georgia, according to law enforcement sources.

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A FBI special agent in Charlotte learned of information that led investigators to a home in Duluth, Georgia, where they found Burns.

A man found at the home, Michael Ren Wysolovski, was taken into custody and is now facing a number of state charges, the FBI said.

The FBI in Charlotte and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will continue their investigation into Burns' disappearance and will work closely with the FBI Atlanta and the Gwinnett County Police Department. 

Burns  was last been seen at her Charlotte-area home on May 23, 2016.

Police said at the time they had information that she may have left of her own accord and they weren’t sure if she had help.

“You have to let go of the hope that she will just walk through the door, the teen’s mother, Shaunna Burns, said in a later interview.

“We are past that point. She is not just going to come home in the middle of the night. You have to hope that they still find her, wherever she is.”

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“You have to distract yourself because you will drive yourself crazy wondering what you could have done, or could be doing,” her father, Anthony Burns, said after his daughter disappeared.

Georgia women’s college trying to atone for Ku Klux Klan legacy

Like other first year students corralled in Wesleyan College’s auditorium in Macon, Georgia, Dana Amihere didn’t know what to make of the spectacle unfolding on stage.

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It was fall 2006 and the freshman had been awakened in the dead of night. A group of sophomores stood on stage yelling, screaming and cheering as part of a hazing ritual that seemed part pep rally, part seance, she said. But one feature struck Amihere, an African American, about the young women on stage tormenting the first year students: They wore purple, hooded robes.

“They looked just like Klan robes,” she said. “It was kind of like bells and whistles going off.”

Amihere had no idea at the time how close she was to the truth.

For more than a century, the nation’s oldest college chartered for women has had historical links to the Ku Klux Klan that have never been formally acknowledged. Its class names in 1909, 1913 and 1917 were the Ku Klux Klan. The 1913 yearbook is named the “Ku Klux.”

A sketch of a masked night rider on horseback galloping under crescent moon graces the title page. The 1910 yearbook contains a prominent sketch of a female figure in white hood and robe holding a burning cross.

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Janet Jackson loving motherhood as she gets back into her music, producer says

Janet Jackson welcomed her very first child, son Eissa, in January and is having a great time being a mom!

“She’s so happy,” her longtime producer, Jimmy Jam, told Entertainment Tonight.

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“I get FaceTime [calls] at like two in the morning, usually when I’m wrapping up in the studio. It’s always just Isa [on FaceTime], she’s in the background somewhere. He’s the cutest baby in the history of babies.”

Currently living in London, Jackson is reportedly excited to get back into performing and recording music, and motherhood may have come along with some newfound creativity.

“I told her that when you have a baby, it’s going to be a whole different inspiration for you,” Jam continued.”A whole different reservoir of creativity, of cadence, of love, and all these things that have always been with you, but it doesn’t really come out until [you become a parent]. She’s recognizing that.”

In the meantime, Jackson is in the midst of finalizing her divorce from estranged husband Wissam Al Mana, with whom she shares her son.

In April, she shared the first and only picture so far of Eissa.

Woman dragged through parking lot trying to retrieve stolen purse

A man who allegedly stole a woman’s purse at a South Florida gas station dragged the victim with his car when she tried to get her purse back. 

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The woman was pumping gas at a Broward County station on June 2 when Robert Flagg, 19, broke her car window, grabbed her purse and tried to make a getaway in his car, according to NBC 6 Miami.

When he was about to drive off, the victim grabbed her purse from inside the alleged thief’s car through an open window and was then dragged through the parking lot, authorities said.

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Flagg was later arrested. 

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Woman Arrested In Prostitution Sting Left Baby Alone At Home

Woman Arrested In Prostitution Sting Left Baby Alone At Home
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