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First lady Melania Trump: 5 things to know about her inauguration look

The inauguration of President Donald Trump drew hundreds of thousands of spectators, but many had their eyes on First Lady Melania Trump. What would she wear? How will she style her hair?

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Here's a breakdown of her inauguration look:

Trump wore Ralph Lauren, an American designer

As is customary for many incoming first ladies, Trump wore clothes by an American designer. Harper's Bazaar reported that she donned a powder-blue dress with a cropped jacket by Ralph Lauren and pointed-toe pumps and elbow-length gloves to match.

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The New York Times reported thatRalph Lauren's office said of the decision to design Trump's clothes: "The presidential inauguration is a time for the United States to look our best to the world. It was important to us to uphold and celebrate the tradition of creating iconic American style for this moment."

The same designer also dressed previous first ladies

According to Cosmopolitan, Ralph Lauren also outfitted Michelle Obama, Nancy Reagan and Betty Ford at  their husbands' inauguration ceremonies.

Her hair was a classic updo

Us Weekly spoke to Trump's longtime hairstylist, Mordechai Alvow, who let his client's outfit influence her hair.

"The outfit had beautiful tailoring, including a super high collar that is great for her long neck, and a 1950s feel, modernized with a touch of origami shapes," Alvow said. "It was important to make sure her hair not interfere with the clean lines and monochrome color, so we decided to put her hair up, which also allowed her amazing bone structure to take center stage."

The updo had a modern edge with a sharp, deep-angled part.

Jewelry was minimal

Trump kept her jewelry very minimal, wearing only sparkling diamond stud earrings. Her 25-carat diamond engagement ring was nowhere to be seen, even above her gloves.

Melania Trump's makeup was light and natural

Although her past work as a model has meant that she's worn more dramatic makeup looks, Trump kept things natural and light for Inauguration Day. A slight face contour, nude pink lips, light blush and a slightly smokey eye rounded out her look.

Barack, Michelle Obama discuss post-White House plans

Barack and Michelle Obama officially left the White House on Friday when Donald Trump was inaugurated as the nation's 45th president. 

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The 44th president and the former first lady waved to crowds and wished the Trumps well as they made their final public appearance as the presidential couple.

The couple has already announced some of their first plans post-White House. 

"First, we're going to take a little break," Michelle Obama said in a video released Friday by the Obama Foundation. "We're finally going to get some sleep and take some time to be with our family and just be still for a little bit." 

Michelle Obama said the pair "might not be online quite as much" as in the past. 

During a December interview with former aide David Axelrod, Barack Obama said he planned to do some self-reflection.

"I'm going to start thinking about the first book ... I want to write. We've got to unpack, and ... I have to be quiet for a while," he said. 

Obama explained that he didn't mean that he plans to be politically quiet, but rather plans to reflect on all areas of his life.

"I don't mean politically. I mean internally. I have to still myself," he said. "You have to get back in tune with your center and process what happened before you make a bunch of good decisions."

>> Obama says he'll write a book and 'be quiet for a while' after White House exit

Obama changed his Twitter handle on Friday after stepping down as commander in chief and issued his first tweet as a former president. 

"Michelle and I are off on a quick vacation, then we'll get back to work," he wrote.

Hi everybody! Back to the original handle. Is this thing still on? Michelle and I are off on a quick vacation, then we'll get back to work.— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) January 20, 2017

Barack Obama also discussed the Obama Foundation's plans to open the Obama Center, a presidential center on the south side of Chicago, where Michelle and Barack Obama met and raised their daughters. The center will be a library, a museum and a "living, working center for citizenship," according to the former president.

According to the official website, the Obama Foundation "will focus on developing the next generation of citizens and what it means to be a good citizen in the 21st century ... It will have nonprofit programs across the city, the United States and the world." The foundation aims to "build programs to inspire us all to be better citizens and to help young leaders develop their ideas."

"The work of perfecting our union is never finished, and we look forward to joining you in that effort as fellow citizens," Barack Obama said. 

I won't stop; I'll be right there with you as a citizen, inspired by your voices of truth and justice, good humor, and love.— President Obama (@POTUS44) January 20, 2017

Farmer brings livestock to protest inauguration

A farmer brought interesting companions to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump.Ethan Abbott showed up Friday with a llama, two alpacas and a dove. 

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Abbott told BuzzFeed News, "It’s time we get corporate money out of our government, out of our farms, out of our food, out of our families, out of our freedom.” 

A farmer brought along three llamas to protest the inauguration https://t.co/LkF01iqV3D pic.twitter.com/3BMAeCv70d— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) January 20, 2017Meet Ethan Abbott who brought two alpacas, a llama, & a bird for the #inauguration to "take back our farms...and freedom" pic.twitter.com/6fAnDB8G3U— Ryan Lovelace (@LovelaceRyanD) January 20, 2017

Abbot said the four-legged crew, Thaddeus, Shay and Tragically Cute, enjoy marching. The dove, named Hubert, spent most of the protest sleeping inside of Abbott's jacket. 

Realtor loses job after calling police to help dog abandoned in vacant home

A Michigan real estate agent said she lost her job after she called police to help an abandoned dog she found trapped in the basement of a home that she was showing to a client.

Alison Reedy told WXYZ in Detroit that she found the Chihuahua caged in the basement of a Lincoln Park home, surrounded by its own waste. The home was listed as vacant.

Reedy told the news station that she first called the listing agent for the home, who told her that the home’s owner had to move into an apartment and could not take the dog.

“It was appalling,” Reedy said in an interview. “The lack of compassion in the situation, it really just pulled at my heart.”

Once she realized that the dog had been abandoned, Reedy called police. The Lincoln Park Police Department responded and turned the dog over to animal control officers.

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Reedy, who said she has been a Realtor for six years, told the news station that she lost her job after the incident because she failed to call her boss before she called police. She said she also violated an ethics policy at her company for sharing the situation on social media.

She said she has no regrets.

“I don’t care, I really don’t. I have a better opportunity,” Reedy told WXYZ.

The station said the homeowner could face charges for abandoning the dog. 

Trump White House pledges to end ‘dangerous anti-police atmosphere’

Donald Trump’s administration pledged to end the nation’s “dangerous anti-police atmosphere” and significantly boost the ranks of law enforcement in one of his the White House’s first policy statements after his Friday inauguration.

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Pushing back against the Black Lives Matter movement that protested the police killings of unarmed black men, the Trump administration said it would reduce violent crime in Chicago and other major cities.

“Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, or the violent disrupter,” the policy reads. “Our job is to make life more comfortable for parents who want their kids to be able to walk the streets safely. Or the senior citizen waiting for a bus. Or the young child walking home from school.”

The White House said supporting law enforcement also means building a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico and deporting people who are in the country illegally and have violent criminal records.

Malia Obama scores post-grad Hollywood internship

Though Malia Obama's may not take a political path like her father, her career endeavors are shaping up to be equally exciting.

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According to The New York Post, the eldest Obama daughter has secured an internship with film producer and Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein starting in February.

Weinstein has been a strong supporter of and donor to the Obama administration.

Malia, 18, is currently taking a gap year before beginning college at Harvard University in the fall.

She has shown a strong interest for the entertainment industry. In 2015, she interned with the HBO series "Girls." She has also worked as a production assistant in the CBS series "Extant."

Then-first lady Michelle Obama told People magazine in 2012 that "Malia has expressed some interest in filmmaking."

Here’s how to watch the inaugural balls on TV, online and live-streamed

The business part of inauguration is over, and now that the parade has ended, the balls will begin in Washington D.C. 

President Trump and his wife, Melania, and Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, will be attending three balls to celebrate the inauguration, according to organizers. Two of the balls will take place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The Trumps will attend the Armed Services Ball to be held at the National Building Museum.  

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Here’s how to watch:

The major networks will have specials on Friday night that will include coverage of the balls.

Cable networks CNN, C-SPAN, Fox, MSNBC and others will also be covering the balls, as will Telemundo.

Several news outlets, including The Washington Post, C-SPAN and Bloomberg Politics, have partnered with YouTube to stream the day’s events.

Fallen Florida officer's cruiser vandalized, police say

Police in Florida are searching for the person or people who vandalized fallen Orlando Lt. Debra Clayton's vehicle.

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Authorities made the announcement Friday afternoon on Twitter.

Unbelievably sad someone would vandalize Lt. Debra Clayton's vehicle. pic.twitter.com/2yairat1Rq— Orlando Police (@OrlandoPolice) January 20, 2017

Clayton's vehicle has been parked outside police headquarters since she was gunned down Jan. 9 outside a Walmart parking lot.

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Markeith Loyd, 41, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of killing her, police said. He's being held in the Orange County Jail without bond.

At the time of the shooting, Loyd was also a suspect and on the run for the Dec. 13 killing of his pregnant girlfriend Sade Dixon.

Party on at 'Wayne’s World' 25th anniversary movie screenings

Here is news that will make Wayne’s World fans say, “Schwing.”

To celebrate the 1990s cult classic movie’s 25th anniversary, it will be shown in select theaters throughout the country Feb. 7 and 8.

Screenings of the movie, based on the "Saturday Night Live" skit, will also feature a pre-recorded round table discussion with the director, cast members and a movie critic, according to Rolling Stone.

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A searchable theater guide is available through the Wayne’s World 25 website.

The movie features Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, who host a public access show from their basement in Aurora, Illinois.

The city of Aurora is rolling out the red carpet with six months worth of celebrations starting Feb. 3, including a Wayne and Garth lookalike contest, air guitar competition and movie screenings, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“This cult classic has had long legs to it, and the fact it's a filmed fictional piece that references Aurora is something that has created some fun here, and we're looking forward to celebrating it,” Marissa Amoni, an organizer with the Aurora Downtown group, told the Chicago Tribune.

 The celebrations culminate July 4, when the city will try to set a world record for most people headbanging to Queen’s song “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

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