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Man threatens to kill cop in name of ISIS at strip club, police say

Chamblee police in Georgia don't believe there's a credible threat after they say a 31-year-old Atlanta man said he would "slay" an officer "in the name of Allah and ISIS."

The incident is alleged to have happened at Follies Strip Club on Saturday afternoon, when Rafielle Kirkland refused to leave, according to police.

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Police believe he was intoxicated and not actually affiliated with the terrorist group.

"He was just making threats,” Capt. Ernesto Ford told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Thursday. “There’s no credible threat."

Warrants say Kirkland also produced a badge and claimed to be a National Security Agency agent.

He is accused of trying to fight employees of the Buford Highway club, as well as police. 

Another man, Anthony Marquize Mason, was also involved and bit an officer, the warrants say.

The incident "involved five officers and took more than an hour to control," an officer wrote.

Kirkland remained in jail Thursday, charged with terroristic threats and impersonating an officer, among other counts.

New members of Congress test their luck for Capitol office space

New members of the U.S. House of Representatives participated in Capitol Hill’s version of "The Hunger Games" Thursday.

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The battle was not one of life and death, but a struggle for prime real estate.

The office lottery is a Capitol Hill tradition where newly-elected lawmakers vie for office spaces available for them to move into for the next two years.

Who will get a cozy corner office with a supreme view and who will be banished to a fifth-floor spot where elevators are scarce and light is minimal?

Black and white numbered chips are placed into a wooden box and shaken.

In alphabetical order, the House members walk up, grab a chip out of the box and hear their number called out loud. The lower the number, the better the place in line to pick an office; the higher the number, the louder the laughter sharing in the member's disappointment.

New members are seeking coveted features like proximity to the Capitol, a nice view, a quality cafeteria and elevator access.

Lawmakers are able to peruse office layouts and visit the open office spaces, but their fate lies with the lottery pick.

“A couple of days ago, we kind of got a head start and took a look at some offices that were becoming available,” Rep.-elect Val Demings, D-Florida, said.

Incumbent members of the House are able to choose new office space ahead of the lottery.

Rep.-elect Lou Correa, D-California, prayed before he stuck his hand into the mix. He swiftly pulled out the chip that everyone in the room wanted, No. 1. He laughed while the room yelled and clapped in shock.

Others also prayed, some stroked their eyebrows or struck a pose, and one kneeled before the sacred box.

Only a few got lucky.

When Rep.-elect Drew Ferguson, R-Georgia, heard his name called, he walked straight over to Correa and rubbed his head for good luck.

He was the first one to try using Correa’s success to his advantage. Ferguson drew the No. 2 slot.

As some of the best numbers were drawn, lawmakers whose last names fell later in the alphabet began to get nervous and were less likely to perform rituals.

Rep. John Rutherford, R-Florida, pulled out a nine despite being one of the last called.

“Even if I picked the number 50, which I thank God I did not, it means that I will have an office here on the Hill to do the work that needs to be done for our nation and for the people back home,” Demings said.

The congressmen and congresswomen select their offices Thursday.

Man reports possible homicide after confusing jellyfish for breast implant

A concerned man turned to police in Australia last week after he discovered what he believed to be a stray breast implant, briefly prompting fears that a possible homicide had occurred.

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Police in Queensland thought the situation seemed fishy, and confirmed as much when they learned that the translucent blob was actually a jellyfish.

Officers were initially "all hands on deck" after the unidentified man shared his concerns with police working at the Maroochydore police station, authorities said Friday in a news release.

He handed officers a plastic bag with a circular, slightly blue colored object inside. He said he found the object earlier that day and that he was worried it might be a "prosthetic implant" from a person who had either drowned or been murdered.

At his request, police seized the bagged blob.

"Investigations revealed what police expected – the item was indeed a jellyfish," police said.

Authorities didn't say where the jellyfish was found.

Florida woman wakes up to burglar standing by bed, petting her cat, police say

A feline-loving man got arrested in St. Petersburg on Wednesday after he broke into a woman's house and stopped to pet her cat.

On Nov. 20 the victim woke up to Jasper Fioroenza, 24, standing at the foot of her bed. When she screamed for him to get out of the house he instead bent down to pet her cat, the Tampa Bay Times reported. 

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St. Petersburg police said that Firoenza did not harm the woman and fled the house. He was later caught when detectives found a fingerprint he left on the woman's bedroom door frame, according to WFLA

Undercover detectives followed Firoenza on Wednesday and saw him break into the woman's house again. They told WFLA that he "must have been drunk." 

Firoenza faces charges of burglary of an occupied dwelling and resisting arrest without violence. He was taken to Pinellas County Jail and is being held on a $20,500 bail, according to the Tampa Bay Times. 

Police: Man kills parents, dismembers and dissolves bodies in acid after family Thanksgiving dinner

A man is accused of killing his parents, cutting up their remains and dissolving the body parts in a homemade acid-based solution last week after the family spent Thanksgiving together.

Joel Michael Guy Jr., 28, is being charged with two counts of first-degree murder in Knoxville, Tennessee, where the slayings occurred. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office stated Wednesday that Guy had driven up to Knoxville from his apartment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to spend the holiday with his parents and three sisters.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reported that Guy’s sisters told investigators that everything seemed fine between Guy and their parents during Thanksgiving dinner. His sisters returned to their own homes after the celebration, and said they were surprised their brother planned to stay the entire weekend.

Maj. Michael MacLean, of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, said that investigators believe it was sometime between Friday night, when Joel Guy Sr., 61, and Lisa Guy, 55, were last seen alive, and mid-day Saturday that they were slain. They suffered “vicious” stab wounds before being dismembered, according to the Sheriff’s Office.  

The Advocate in Baton Rouge reported that Guy spent at least one night in the home after allegedly dismembering his parents. He left Tennessee on Sunday for Baton Rouge, where he was arrested outside his apartment building Tuesday afternoon by agents from the FBI and the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office.

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The motive for the crime remains unclear, though the Advocate reported that the Guys had been paying many of their unemployed son’s bills and had planned on talking to him over the holiday about cutting off some of their financial support. The Times News of Kingsport, Tennessee, reported that Joel Guy Jr. told investigators that he and his parents had discussed money on Thanksgiving.

Guy Jr., who graduated high school from the residential Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts in 2008, spent time in and out of college before reportedly withdrawing from his classes at Louisiana State University last year, the Advocate said.

The crime scene at his parents’ Tennessee home, which MacLean described as “gruesome,” was discovered Monday after Lisa Guy failed to return to work after the holiday weekend, the News Sentinel reported.

An officer doing a welfare check initially found nothing amiss from outside the house, the paper said, but Lisa Guy’s coworkers were unconvinced that nothing was wrong. When police made a second pass at the home, an officer looking through a window spotted evidence of the violence that had taken place inside.

The couple’s son is accused of stabbing them to death and possibly torturing them before killing them, the News Sentinel reported. Their remains were found in multiple rooms of the home, which they had recently sold as part of their plan for retirement.

According to the Times News of Kingsport, Tennessee, the couple had bought the Hawkins County home of Joel Guy Sr.’s late mother and were two weeks away from moving in. Rene Charles, Guy Sr.’s sister, said that her brother, an engineer, had also recently been laid off.

It was not immediately clear if the change in his job status prompted the couple to talk to their son over the holiday about supporting himself.

“We were going to have Christmases together again,” Charles said. “We were just fixing to have all of us back together again.”

Charles expressed shock at the details of the deaths and what her nephew is accused of doing to his parents’ bodies.

“It’s one thing to stab someone, but to do everything that he did, to dismember his parents’ bodies?” Charles said.

MacLean said the solution used on the Guys’ bodies appeared to be composed of household chemicals and could be made using information available online. The Advocate reported that the chemicals included bleach, hydrogen peroxide, drain cleaner and sewer line cleaner.

The Sheriff’s Office said that the toxic fluid required biohazard equipment and hazardous materials experts to remove from the house.

Guy is being held in the East Baton Rouge Parish Jail on a fugitive warrant, pending extradition back to Tennessee. 

Toys R Us to get new shipment of Hatchimals, NES Nintendo Classic

The year’s two most sought after toys, Hatchimals and the NES Nintendo Classic, will be hitting shelves at Toys R Us stores on Sunday, the company said.

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Remember Cabbage Patch Kids or Tickle Me Elmo? Parents should brace themselves for the latest toy craze has hatched. Hatchimals are large speckled eggs with furry, magical creatures inside that eventually crack out of the egg but only if given enough human attention. (Learning Resources)

Toys R Us said stores across the nation will be getting a new shipment this Sunday, Dec. 4  of both Hatchimals and the NES gaming system.

“All stores nationwide will have a new shipment of Hatchimals and the NES Nintendo Classic edition in stores this Sunday, December 4,” a company representative said in an email to The Palm Beach Post.

The two toys are virtually impossible to find in stores, and resellers looking to cash in on their popularity have marked them up dramatically on sites like eBay.

It is unclear how many of each toy will be available as part of the shipment.

The announcement from Toys R Us is welcomed news for parents who don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to score one of the items online. 

As of Thursday, Hatchimals, which retail for $59.99, were selling for as much as $200 on eBay.

The Nintendo system,  which includes 30 classic NES games such as "Super Mario Bros.," "Metroid," "Donkey Kong," "The Legend of Zelda," "Kirby’s Adventure" and "PAC-MAN,"  was selling for $200 to $300 on eBay. The console retails for $59.99

Parents who aren’t lucky enough to get one of these items at Toys R Us shouldn’t give up their search, said Brent Shelton, a deal expert with FatWallet.com and the Black Friday website BfAds.net.

“A few things interested shoppers can do to stay on the insider news for these super hot toys that are sold out in stores and avoid the exorbitant re-seller prices is to follow inventory tracking sites, like Zoolert and Stock Informer,” Shelton said.

Deal hunting forums on FatWallet.com and BfAds.net also allow shoppers to “keep their ear to the ground” for new shipments, he said.

“I advise to set topic alerts with any of these so you get quick notification on any news,” Shelton said. “They can also follow Facebook groups like the Hatchimals BST (Buy Sell Trade) or Nintendo Classic Mini NES, and Reddit is a great candidate if you have the time to scour their hundreds of subtopics.”

Shoppers can also expect to see Black Friday-like prices on Dec. 12, one of the largest online shopping days of the year. Parents may not be able to find Hatchimals or Nintendo systems, but there will likely be big discounts on other toy items, Shelton said.

Pickup truck crashes into Walmart; 3 killed, 2 injured

A pickup truck slammed into the entrance of an Iowa Walmart on Thursday morning, killing three people and injuring two others, according to multiple reports.

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A person called 911 just before 10 a.m. to report that a truck had crashed into the Walmart in Pella, the Iowa State Patrol told the Des Moines Register.

Witnesses told KNIA/KRLS that the truck appeared to hit the store at a high rate of speed. Walmart employee Don French told the station that bystanders sprung into action gathering pillows and other items off shelves to tend to the wounded.

Sgt. Nathan Ludwig of the Iowa State Patrol told WHO-TV that investigators do not believe the crash was intentional.

Police have not identified the driver or the victims, although Ludwig said none of them are children.

Ludwig told the Register that the pickup driver was an older man. He was alone in the truck and among the two people injured.

In a statement to WHO-TV, a Walmart spokesperson said that the company was "heartbroken by what appears to be a tragic accident."

"Our focus right now is on our associates, customers and gathering information," the statement said. "We will continue working closely with law enforcement and emergency responders."

Pella is about 40 miles southeast of Des Moines.

Canadian town allowing offenders to donate food, toys instead of paying parking tickets

Residents in one Canadian town can choose to donate toys, gift cards or non-perishable food items instead of paying parking ticket fines.

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For the second year, officials in Innisfil, Ontario, are providing the "Scrooge the Ticket" campaign, in which parking offenders can donate funds and goods to a local food bank in lieu of paying parking fines.

"We really saw our residents get into the spirit with this last year, and we are excited to hold our second 'Scrooge the Ticket' campaign," Innisfil Mayor Gord Wauchope said in a news release. "No one likes to get a parking ticket, but this is a thoughtful way to have our residents give generously to a great cause leading into the holiday season."

Those that receive parking tickets must donate items of equal or greater of the parking fine.

Last year, the campaign raised nearly $1,200 worth of donated items over the course of a two-week time frame. This year, the campaign was extended by an extra week. It will run until Dec. 9.

14-year-old charged in shooting deaths of mother, 8-year-old brother

A 14-year-old boy has been charged in the shooting deaths of his mother and 8-year-old brother, whose bodies were found Wednesday morning in their Pennsylvania home.

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Jacob Remaley has been charged as an adult and faces two counts each of criminal homicide and first-degree murder, according to web dockets that police sources verified.

Pennsylvania State Police identified the victims as New Stanton residents 46-year-old Dana Remaley and her son, 8-year-old Caleb Remaley. WPXI has learned that Caleb was a third grade student at Stanwood Elementary School, and Dana Remaley worked as a personal care assistant at West Hempfield Middle School.

School officials said grief counseling will be available for all students and staff in the Hempfield School District.

Westmoreland County's Office of the Coroner ruled the cause of both victims’ deaths as a gunshot wound to the head and the manner as homicide. Dana Remaley and Caleb were found in their beds in separate rooms on Wednesday morning, authorities said.

Police said Wednesday that Jacob Remaley told troopers he took an unloaded gun from the top of the refrigerator, loaded it and went into his mother's room first.

Troopers also said Wednesday that he called 911 and initially told dispatchers that his father shot his mother and brother. Shortly after the 911 call, police said that a neighbor spotted the teen on the road with the gun and convinced him to toss it aside before police arrived.

Jacob Remaley also told troopers that if his father had been home, he would have shot him as well, according to a criminal complaint obtained by TribLIVE.

Thermo Village Road was shut down while investigators gathered evidence from the home where the victims were found. The coroner was called to the scene, along with state police and other officials.

Neighbors told WPXI they were asked by state police if they heard any gunshots Wednesday morning, but said they didn't hear anything.

"We were all completely in the dark and had no idea what was going on. I actually thought it was an accident and the presence kept getting bigger," said neighbor Patrick Lacey. "When I was young, we helped babysit the son but honestly since they've grown up and I grew up, we haven't seen too much. Just neighborly hellos."

Authorities said the investigation is continuing and while motive has yet to be determined, it appears that the teen had not been getting along with his parents.

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