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National Average Rises On Colonial Pipeline Outage

Gasoline prices nationally rose 2.7 cents per gallon to $2.21 in the last week on the heels of a major pipeline outage in the Southeast, sparking supply shortages and higher gasoline prices in some areas.The Colonial pipeline delivers gasoline from Gulf Coast oil refineries to much of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic areas, but a September 9 spill found by a mine inspector has had major impacts on gasoline prices and availability in six states: Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia and threatens to even have pricing impacts in neighboring states as gasoline supply is diverted to the affected states....

A pipeline rupture like few others

Colonial Pipeline Petroleum Farm (photo by J.B)Every year the transmission of oil, natural gas, gasoline, jet, diesel and other by products like ethanes and condensates, are cause for 50 to 100 reported leaks in North America. Their causes range from construction accidents, design faults, corrosion, pressure or even extreme weather and by law they must be reported to officials as a practice with priority given to safety and environmental outcomes.Though a pipeline failure is never any carriers wish, they are a reality given the millions of miles built over the last 120 years and their use has helped support thriving economic activity and prosperity....

Marijuana usage causes spike in Colorado traffic fatalities

Image From .Before you consider jumping on the bandwagon to legalize marijuana in your state you may want to take a look at recent findings from the Colorado state agency monitoring marijuana usage.  According to Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) data, the latest numbers show a dramatic spike in traffic-related fatalities in Colorado attributed to marijuana use in the almost four years since the state legalized the drug.Sadly, marijuana-related traffic fatalities in Colorado have increased 62 percent since 2013. According to HealthZette Editor Carleen Wild, Drivers testing positive for marijuana were a factor in 21 percent of all Colorado traffic deaths in 2015; that is up from only 10 percent in 2009. ...

10 Tips for Tailgating Like a Boss

Forget the basics—take your tailgate to the next level with these game-changing tips....

Are pipeline protests the social fault line of our times

On both sides of the Canada - U.S. border, a troubling pattern of loud and even violent protest appears to be taking root when it comes to pipeline hearings and building. In Canada, when the armslength National Energy Board (NEB) opened its public session  in Montreal to review TransCanada Pipeline's Energy East proposal, security and police had to be deployed at the outset of the proceedings when environmental activists violently charged at the podium threatening the staff and 3 memeber panel. The hearings were abruptly adjourned and within a week, all three members of the board resigned, leaving the pipeline's future in limbo....

Are federal dollars for your state's highways going to other states?

Image From . Effective project management and timely application for federal highway funding can mean a difference of millions of dollars for your state's roadways. Caltrans announced earlier this month that the federal government has rewarded California with a record $293 million in transportation funding after the state met all its 2015-2016 fiscal year deadlines for federally-funded projects. This surpasses California’s previous record (set in 2006) by almost $90 million.

“Caltrans has been rewarded—yet again—for its on-time and responsible use of federal funding, launching new construction projects prior to federal deadlines,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “These additional funds will help Caltrans and local transportation agencies to continue to invest in transportation across the state.”


Meet the New GasBuddy App

Welcome to the new GasBuddy! We’re excited to share our new look with you, as well as some new features we think you'll really love.

FiltersWe’ve made it even easier for you to find the gas station that fits your needs with the following new additions:

  • Smart Sort - In addition to the standard “Sort by Price” and “Sort by Distance” there is also the “Smart Sort” feature, which allows you to group stations around your current location by distance (half a mile, a mile, two miles, and three miles) and then by price.

  • Brand - If you prefer a certain brand of gas or c-store, you can filter it so only those will show up on your search list

  • Amenities - Need propane? Looking for an ATM? Want to buy a lotto ticket? You can now search for stations with these amenities and many more, just by accessing the “filters” section

Gas Station RatingsFor anyone who has wanted to know what kind of bathroom situation they should expect at the gas station, we’ve come up with a way to tell! The new ratings feature allows users to review various aspects of a station and convenience store. Currently the categories are: cleanliness, coffee, customer service, outdoor lighting, and yes, even the state of the restroom. Plus you can also leave a comment, which won’t be show up right now, but will be in the future.

Now you can get a quick overview of how a particular location stacks up against others, beyond just price - you can share your thoughts with other consumers through reviews. Click on a station you want to rate and then scroll down to “Rate This Station” to have your opinion voiced.

Cleaner InterfaceThe app now has a cleaner interface and icons allowing for easier viewing. Actionable information will be easier to see, making it easier for you to navigate with fewer distractions. Check it out for yourself by going to www.gasbuddy.com/app and downloading!

Updated Games and ChallengesMembers will find an updated way to challenge themselves and their fellow GasBuddies, while earning new "Achievements" and gaining points that can be used towards the daily gas card drawing. The latest version of GasBuddy includes daily, weekly, and monthly challenges such as reporting a certain number of prices in a time period. By completing Challenges, users will be awarded new Achievement badges and additional GasBuddy points.

You can also learn more and get more informative on our FAQ page: help.gasbuddy.com...

EIA shows another decline in crude oil inventories, gasoline sees small build

The Energy Information Administration released its weekly report today on the status of petroleum inventories in the United States.Here are some highlights:CRUDE INVENTORIES:Crude oil inventories decreased by 0.6 million barrels (MMbbl) to a total of 510.8 MMbbl. At 510.8 MMbbl, inventories are 54.9 MMbbl above last year (12.0%) and are well above the upper limit of the average range for this time of year. Inventories at major delivery point Cushing, OK fell 1.2 MMbbl to a total of 62.2 million barrels.GASOLINE INVENTORIES:Gasoline inventories increased by 0.6 million barrels to a total of 228.4 MMbbl. At 228.4 MMbbl, inventories are up 11.0 MMbbl, 5.0% higher than a year ago and are well above the upper limit of the average range for this time of year. Here's how individual regions and their gasoline inventory fared last week: East Coast (-0.9 MMbbl); Midwest (-0.6 MMbbl); Gulf Coast (+2.3 MMbbl); Rockies (+0.0 MMbbl); and West Coast (-0.3 MMbbl). It is important to note which regions saw increases/decreases as this information likely drives prices up (in the case of falling inventories), or down (in the case of rising inventories).DISTILLATE (diesel, heating oil) INVENTORIES:Distillate inventories increased by 4.6 MMbbl to a total of 162.8 MMbbl. At 162.8 MMbbl, inventories are up 8.8 MMbbl, or 5.7% vs. a year ago....

Drumroll, Please: The New GasBuddy is Here!

via iStockWelcome! I'm Walt Doyle, CEO of GasBuddy, and I'm so excited that you're here. Over the past 16 years, we've been humbled and amazed by your loyalty, your insights and your dedication. From our beginnings in 2000 to today—when we celebrate surpassing 60 million downloads—our top priority has been making our community happy. That's why we're always helping you find the cheapest gas; connecting you with other users that share your interests; and listening to all of your feedback....

Oil intrigue continues

Photo courtesy of Brooks O. Hubbard Over the last few weeks oil has been steadily trading higher, defying those vast majority of analysts experts who do not beleive that crude markets are balanced. Yesterday's historical draw in US oil inventories of some 14.5 million barreals only furthered the interest of those who beleive better times lie ahead for the commodity and are betting and investing accordingly....

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