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YouTube Launches Cable-Free Live Streaming TV Service

YouTube Launches Cable-Free Live Streaming TV Service

Jobless and nearly homeless, Rachel Dolezal still isn't sorry for posing as black

It’s been two years since it was revealed that former NAACP branch leader Rachel Dolezal is actually white. Not only is she on the brink of homelessness, having been unable to find a job, but she’s still maintaining that she did nothing wrong by posing as an African-American woman.

“I’m not going to stoop and apologize and grovel and feel bad about it,” she told the Guardian. “I would just be going back to when I was little and had to be what everybody else told me I should be — to make them happy.”

>> Rachel Dolezal announces memoir 'In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World'

Dolezal stepped down from her position in 2015 when her parents revealed that she was not actually African-American. While she eventually admitted to being “biologically born white to white parents,” she argued that she identifies as African-American, saying that race is “not coded in your DNA.”

She claims to have applied for more than one hundred jobs, but that no one will hire her, aside from those within the reality television and pornography industries. Even her memoir, “In Full Color,” which is due to be released in March, was turned down by over 30 publishers before one picked up the book. She currently relies on food stamps and help from friends in order to get by. She told the Guardian that she will probably be homeless next month.

“Right now, the only place I feel understood and completely accepted is with my kids and my sister,” she said. “The narrative was that I’d offended both communities in an unforgivable way, so anybody who gave me a dime would be contributing to wrong and oppression and bad things – to a liar and fraud and a con.”

Dolezal says her memoir is her way of telling her side of the story and opening up a dialogue about race and identity.

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“The times I tried to explain more, I wasn’t understood more. Nobody wanted to hear, ‘I’m pan-African, pro-black, bisexual, an artist, mother and educator,’” she told the Guardian. “People would just be like, ‘Huh? What? What are you talking about?'”

But would she ever consider simply telling people that she’s white?

“No. This is still home to me,” Dolezal said. “I didn’t feel like I’m ever going to be hurt so much that I somehow leave who I am, because I’m me. It really is who I am. It’s not a choice.”

Read the full story at the Guardian.

Amazon Lowers Minimum Amount For Free Shipping

Amazon Lowers Minimum Amount For Free Shipping

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Advertise With Us

Growing your business is our business. It’s what we at Cox Media Group (CMG) Houston do best—and we’re eager to do it for you.

We look forward to partnering with you. 




Your Marketing Partner for Creating Solutions and Delivering Results 

*We, are your ideal partner to define, deliver and manage a fully integrated, efficient marketing campaign to build your brand and grow sales. 

Why Choose CMG Houston? 

*You get the most reliable research in the industry, including extensive reporting and recap techniques that provide sound metrics and real-time data .

We offer proven marketing expertise on both a local and national level 

*CMG Houston media outlets reach nearly two million Houston consumers* who consistently engage with our advertisers’ brands 

We’re backed by the strength of parent company Cox Enterprises Inc., a leading communications, media and automotive services company with revenues of nearly $15 billion and more than a century of success 

*Source: Arbitron Houston-Galveston Metro Survey Area, 6+ Cume Persons, M-Su 5a-5a 


Your One-stop Marketing Source 

*CMG Houston is your one-stop source for a blend of broadcast, digital, print, onsite and other local services—all customized to your business. 

Our Process 

*We partner with you on an in-depth needs analysis to learn who you and your customers are and to understand your key marketing challenges 

*We uncover your true brand position via our Marketing Strategy Model, a precise five-step procedure led by a trained facilitator 

*We employ multiple research options—from third-party sources to targeted surveys to focus groups—to identify your target customer’s emotional connection to your products and services 

*We brainstorm effective ideas to support and enhance your brand position and aim for maximized ROI 

*The result? The ultimate strategy that confirms why customers should choose your brand over your competitors, combined with the ideal reasons to buy now 


The Power of Radio 

*This influential medium reaches 94 percent of Houstonians ages six and up every week.* Radio advertising piques listeners’ imaginations in clever, powerful ways, making an emotional connection with them close to the point of sale. Radio works because: 

*More than 70 percent of the U.S. population listens to the radio in the car during the week and nearly the same amount tunes in on the weekend.* With more than 4 million* adults in Houston, that’s a great opportunity to reach captive listeners 

*Radio is proven to be the most effective channel for locally targeting specific consumer demographics and lifestyles 

*Our extensive creative team enables us to produce effective radio messaging at a fraction of the cost of television 

*CMG Houston’s exceptional on-air talent are not only trusted voices in the community, but also deliver the dynamic personality to sell your brand 

*The CMG Houston lineup targets a broad range of listener profiles: 


*Source: Arbitron Houston-Galveston Metro Survey Area, 6+ Cume Persons, M-Su 5a-5a— 


Abundant Online Options 

*Digital media’s targeted consumer reach continues to positively impact businesses as one of the most efficient and measurable ways of selling. 

*To ensure your business stays competitive in the digital space, we offer a wide array of online capabilities, from mainstream to cutting-edge—including: 

*Search engine marketing (SEM): integrated messaging in partnership with Google and other search providers to provide the best campaigns and reporting possible 

*Audience extension targeting: reaching niche online audiences through direct placement on global websites and social networks; targeting consumers by behavior, geography, demographics or context 

*Streaming commercials: locally inserted commercials, different from and complementary to on-air ads that play during commercial breaks 

*Gateway ads: 15-second video ads that play before the streaming commercial session starts 

*Banners: displayed on our websites, either targeted or global placement, adding a visual component to an audio medium 

*Electronic newsletters: sent to our most loyal listeners, featuring exclusive content from our stations and messages from our advertisers 

*Homepage takeovers: examples include wallpaper, sliding billboards, rich media, and corner peels—all of which occur upon page load, making the advertiser a focal point for a short duration 



Bringing Your Brand Directly to Consumers 

*Onsite activation and direct mail bring your brand to consumers in the right place at the right time. Solid execution is critical to achieving your activation goals—all of which can be handled by CMG Houston. 

*Onsite Activation 

*Our experts have the experience to: 

*Design and execute customized promotions, events and contests to meet your distinctive needs 

*Assist you with onsite activation 

*Manage the product design and sourcing of high-quality, memorable giveaway items 

*Direct Mail 

*An effective direct-mail campaign generates immediate responses from consumers—motivating them to take action now. 

*CMG Houston boasts access to print creative and production experts via our sister companies—the Austin American-Statesman and Valpak, one of North America’s leading direct-mail marketing companies. This means we can: 

*Execute direct mail and digital coupon options 

*Manage print and design execution on most other print requests—including postcards, self-mailers, inserts and newsletters 



Dedicated to Serving You 

*CMG Houston provides a cross-functional team of experienced marketing professionals and account managers dedicated to crafting your ideal campaign and managing it like clockwork. You’ll benefit from: 

*Creative solutions that grab—and keep—your customers’ attention throughout the campaign 

*Clear, concise research and metrics reports that confirm precisely what motivates your customers 

*Comprehensive campaign support from kick-off through post-campaign reporting 

*A guarantee of the best customer service from the moment our partnership begins 

*Our Clients 

CMG Houston has built successful marketing campaigns and sustained partnerships with small and large businesses from a variety of industries, including: 


*Banking and finance 

*Beer and liquor 

*Convenience stores and grocers 

*Energy providers 


*Food and hospitality 

*Health and wellness 

*Home improvement and maintenance 



*Travel and tourism 

*Wireless communications 


What Our Clients Say: 

“It has been a long time since I have met a more dedicated staff open to hearing and willing to learn how to best serve us—the client. And I have been in advertising for 33 years. You are an amazing team—and I do mean team.” - K. Jacobsen, Fiesta Mart Inc. 

“CMG Houston has gone above and beyond the call of duty…You have continuously pursued our company in thinking of ways to help us grow.” – R. Jenkins, ABC Home & Commercial Services 

“Not only do we have the best ROI with Dean and Rog (KGLK - The Eagle), we could not be more pleased with how they keep their message about us fresh, day in and day out.” – J. Ballenger, Champion Energy Services 

"In celebrating the wild success from our recent LASIK campaign, we could not be more thankful for all the effort put toward the campaign by CMG Houston. Our fan base grew nearly 600 percent…this campaign was so successful, our agency has clients in markets nationwide searching for ‘their’ Erica (KKBQ – The New 93Q).” -M. Hunter, CRM Marketing Group on behalf of Berkeley Eye

200 items
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