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People climbed buildings in Cleveland to celebrate Cavaliers win

It was a win Cleveland waited 50 years to celebrate, and fans showed up in full force.  More than one million people gathered downtown in the city to celebrate the NBA win with a parade Wednesday.

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The parade, a route of 1.3 miles, started at 11 a.m. EST, and finished around 4 p.m

A crowd of approximately 1.3 million fans flooded the route in the streets and on the sidewalks, ESPN reported.

Cavalier fans were even scaling the sides of buildings and standing on top of portable toilets Wednesday for a better look. 

The event was the biggest in the city since the Great Lakes Expo in the 1930s, WKYC reported.

Jim Brown, former fullback for the Cleveland Browns, joined the Cavaliers players and staff on stage. They each took turns speaking before LeBron James took the microphone and addressed fans.

"I'm nothing without you all. I love all of y'all," James said to the fans. "Get ready for next year."

The parade ultimately ended near Cleveland Browns Stadium. There will be another celebratory event in Akron, Ohio, Thursday, in conjunction with the Lebron James Family Foundation.

Read more at ESPN.

<iframe src="//storify.com/cmgnationalnews/cleveland-celebrates-nba-win/embed?header=none&amp;border=false" width="100%" height="750" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe><script src="//storify.com/cmgnationalnews/cleveland-celebrates-nba-win.js?header=none&amp;border=false"></script>[View the story "Cleveland celebrates NBA win" on Storify]Cleveland celebrates NBA winStorified by CMGNationalNews· Wed, Jun 22 2016 22:14:04What can I say CLEVELAND! Thank you!  We did it for ya'll! #StriveForGreatness #TheLand #ChampionshipParadeLeBron JamesSelfie. https://t.co/FFcrTReAxTDave McMenaminView of parade from @clepolice chopper https://t.co/YNuLz9VipHCleveland PoliceWelcome to Cleveland. https://t.co/DNG2r8bRqeDave McMenaminThere it is. https://t.co/rRm110eHWZDave McMenaminFinally seeing some players. It's a slow crawl. Here's Kyrie and Co. #cavsparade @daytonsports https://t.co/cOJht4OlMUDavid JablonskiThis is one side of Sixth Street. There is no gap in middle of street for parade. https://t.co/1JURkjPH1DDavid JablonskiJune madness. #cavsparade https://t.co/l1qq2lGaYnDavid JablonskiThis is the parade route. Not sure where the parade will go. https://t.co/KHunWvUIYiDavid JablonskiWow! https://t.co/hpsq9EA7kBCleveland PoliceAmazing sight from up here!!! #ALLin216 https://t.co/pRRqKxH6aUCleveland PoliceIt's a party!!! #Allin216 https://t.co/rHEw5iv9o2Cleveland Police

Cleveland Cavaliers fan disses Steph Curry's dad by hitting dab

One Cleveland Cavaliers fan may have made a devastating NBA Finals loss for the Golden State Warriors even more infuriating for fans, teammates, point guard Steph Curry and his father, Dell Curry.

Jennifer Hayashi, who goes by @chilloutjen on Twitter, posted a video of her friend Aaron Smith dissing Dell Curry in what looks like a prank.

In the video, a man walks toward Dell Curry with his hand out, as if going in for a handshake. When Dell Curry puts his hand out to shake in return, the prankster instead dabs.

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Dabbing, made popular in sports by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, is a dance created by hip hop trio Migos.

The dance is essentially lifting an arm bent at a 90 degree angle and bowing your head into your elbow.

The tweet got the attention of ESPN reporter Bomani Jones and Sports Illustrated.

Not everyone found the diss dab funny.

Although Jen dismissed critics by saying, "It's just a joke," she admitted her friend was silly for doing it.

Nike honors Cavaliers win with new commercial

The Cleveland Cavaliers have finally added a new title and Nike was prepared for the historic win. 

In a new commercial, Nike's basketball division honored not only the Cavs, but also the fans who have not seen a championship since 1964, Sports Illustrated reported.

The company posted the ad to YouTube shortly after the Cavs took the title.

Watch the video below or click here.

As the YouTube description says, "After years of holding its breath, Cleveland can finally breathe easy."

LeBron James was named Finals MVP, his third in his career.

The Cavs beat the the Golden State Warriors 93 to 89 in Game 7 Sunday night. 

WATCH: After losing NBA Finals, Draymond Green gives LeBron James a congratulatory hug

Talk about good sportsmanship.

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As the Cleveland Cavaliers were celebrating their first championship win in franchise history Sunday after beating Golden State 93-89, the Warriors' Draymond Green fought through the crowd to give MVP LeBron James a big hug.

>> Click here to see the clip

"Those guys, they earned it, and I knew that it was my duty, pretty much, to go back out there and congratulate them on a great series and on a great season and on winning the championship," Green said of the emotional moment, according to USA Today's For the Win. "Like I said, I hate to lose, but you learn something from everything."

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Read more here.

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Mark Cuban pledges $1M to Dallas police to help protect LGBT community

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban announced his donation of $1 million to Dallas police Wednesday morning in wake of the Orlando mass shooting.

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According to WFAA, the money is intended to help Dallas PD with “enhanced counter-terrorism efforts” and increase police presence in Dallas neighborhood Oak Lawn. It will go toward approximately 16,000 hours of police overtime.

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“These funds will be used primarily to protect the LGBT community,” said Dallas police Chief David Brown. “We will earmark and track the expenditure of these funds to ensure its effective use in creating a safe environment.”

Read more about Cuban’s donation at WFAA.

Shirtless fan paints 'Trump Sucks' on his chest, storms court during NBA Finals

A shirtless man ran onto the floor during Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night with a political message scrawled across his chest.

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The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers were facing off in Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena when the man ran onto the court.

He interrupted the game just minutes into play, Cleveland.com reported.

Security quickly tackled the man and escorted him off the court.

On his chest were the words "Trump Sucks." On his back were the words "LeBron 4 President," according to Cleveland.com.

The Warriors went on to win the match 108-87, giving them a 3-1 lead in the series.

Photos: 2016 NBA finals

WATCH: Pizza-loving woman chows down, steals spotlight on Hawks' kiss cam

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For some reason, kiss cam hijinks never seem to get old.

A woman at the Atlanta Hawks-Boston Celtics playoff game Tuesday night was dual-wielding pizza when the kiss cam focused in on the couple in front of her.

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She responded in the best way she knew how – by basically making out with the pizza.

Even if this is all staged, what does it matter? This is cheesiest way to deal with the kiss cam, and we love it.

(H/t Mashable)

>> Click here to watch the video

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