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Posted: January 01, 2016

DIY under $10: candy heart grows the love


            DIY under $10: candy heart grows the love
The finished project: Add water and flowers to your smaller internal vase and you are ready to go. CONTRIBUTED/JESSICA GARRINGER

            DIY under $10: candy heart grows the love
Supplies needed include two vases, candy hearts and flowers. CONTRIBUTED/JESSICA GARRINGER

By Jessica Garringer

Have you ever wondered how people fill vases with certain items, but not hurt the fresh flowers they put inside?

We show you how with this project, which looks ahead to Valentine’s Day. This quick and easy do-it-yourself project will cost you just $8 to make (with the flowers).

You will need:

  • bags of Conversation Hearts — $1 each at Dollar Tree
  • large glass cylinder vase — $1 at Dollar Tree
  • small glass cylinder vase — $1 at Dollar Tree
  • bunch of flowers — $4 at Kroger


  1. Place the smaller vase into the larger vase so it is centered.
  2. Open your bags of conversation hearts and begin filling in the space between the two vases. You can place a piece of foil over your smaller vase so no candies fall in.
  3. Continue filling up your space until you reach the top rim of the smaller vase. Do not fill above this point or your candies will spill into the water.
  4. Once your candies are in place, carefully fill the smaller vase with water. Do not get any water on your candies or they will start dissolving.
  5. Cut and arrange your flowers and place them inside the smaller vase. Display and enjoy.

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