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Husband bulldozes house while wife is out

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Police arrested James Rhein as he used a rented bulldozer to destroy the home. Neighbors say Rhein used the dozer to load the scrap, including his wife's clothes, in a dumpster. The Times-Herald Record reports Diane Andryshak, who lived with Rhein, is the official owner of the home.

She wasn’t happy.

“She was in the middle of the road screaming, her house, what happened to her house," they told NBC New York.

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The city was upset too. Rhein didn’t shut off the water, sewer, electric, or gas, causing a dangerous situation for anyone nearby. The utilities were disabled after emergency calls were made.

News 12 reports Rhein complained, saying the structure “needed to come down.” Even so, his escapade of destruction will cost him.

Rhein faces charges of not having proper permits, and second-degree criminal mischief, a felony. The dozer dude told cops he tried to get a permit, but city hall was closed for Martin Luther King Jr. day.

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Naked woman rescued from chimney of estranged boyfriend

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Tony Hernandez told cops he was sleeping when the unnamed woman tried to get in the front door of his California house.

When that didn’t work, the woman climbed to the roof, stripped off her clothes, and tried to slide down the chimney.

It may work for Santa, but not for her.

Hernandez told Los Angeles TV station KABC when he awoke to get ready for work, he heard the 35-year-old woman calling his name. He checked the front and back yards but could not find her.

“She said, ‘I’m trapped in the chimney,’ he told Los Angeles TV station CBSLA. “So I tried to get her out, but it was too hard.”

Hernandez called emergency workers who removed part of the chimney to reach the woman.

Hernandez admits having three kids with the woman but added, "I don’t like the way she’s acting or what she’s doing."

He told the station. "that's not good for my kids."

The woman was taken to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries but is expected to be OK.

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Man's bike stolen from police station as he reported phone theft

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What was intended to be a search for justice turned out to be a double whammy for Adam Wisneski.

After riding his bike to the police station to report his phone being stolen, he realized he had forgotten his lock.

CBS Chicago reports Adam asked cops if he could leave the bike in the lobby of the station. They told him yes.

Wisneski filled out the paperwork on his phone and then, “I turned around and my bike was gone,” he began.

“At first I thought somebody was playing a joke on me,” he continued. “Like one of the officers had walked around the corner, or something, just to be funny.”

It wasn’t a joke and he certainly didn’t find the results funny.

 “I was just dejected,” he lamented.

At least he was right where he needed to be. “I turned around and I told the officer, ‘I would like to file another police report, please,’” Adam said.

Cops suspect a homeless man who had been in the building might have taken the bike. It still hasn’t been found.

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State forces girl to undergo chemo treatments

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A girl, identified only as "Cassandra C." had two rounds of chemo after she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in September.

However, she didn't want to continue so she left the facility. Her mother supported the decision leading the Department of Children and Families to remover her from the home and force her to take the treatments.

"Several physicians involved in this case tell us with certainty that a child will die as a result of leaving a decision up to a parent," the agency said in a release.

The Hartford Courant reports Cassandra has undergone three more treatments, and those will continue until a decision is reached by the court.

Cassandra's attorney Michael Taylor told the paper this is about "the fundamental right to have a say about what goes on with your [her] body."

"Can a smart and knowledgeable 17 year old make the same choice, for better or worse, than she would be able to make without state interference nine months from now, when she turns 18," he asked.

Doctors say the girl has an 80-85 percent chance to survive the cancer with the treatment. They say it's likely she'll die without it.

The Connecticut Supreme Court will take up the case this week.

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Police: Couple jailed for shoplifting didn't mention kids locked in car

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Broward County Sheriff's deputies  arrested Tosheba Hope, 30, and Gerald Moultrie, 24, Monday around 7 p.m. at a Walmart after a security guard caught them attempting to steal approximately $600 worth of tools and car accessories.

According to police, the couple failed to mention that they had left three children in a locked car in the parking lot.

Around 2 a.m., store workers discovered the abandoned kids and called police.

Deputies responded and found the children, ages 2, 7 and 9, unharmed but crying. They were taken into state custody.

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The couple was charged with shoplifting and may face child neglect charges.

A search of records showed Moultrie has previous arrests for driving without a license and possession of marijuana.

Hope managed to complicate matters further at her court date when she informed the judge that she is “probably pregnant” with a fourth child.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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