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Airport's working dog is well equipped for runway duty

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He's been chasing birds and animals off the runways for over a year at one Michigan airport, but after video of him went viral, Piper became an internet superstar.

Nearly four million people have clicked on video of the 7 year old Border Collie.  Piper is being called the coolest dog ever, thanks to his outfit.

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You can typically spot him decked out in goggles, earmuffs and a safety vest.  His owner says there's a reason for the get up.

"He's very well equipped," says Brian Edwards.   "The specs are to protect his eyes, they're sunglasses first and foremost.  The earmuffs obviously are for sound when he's close to aircrafts, and the vest is so I can lift him up and do all sorts of cool things with him."

Piper was adopted back in 2012, and began working at the Cherry Capital Airport in 2015.

He doesn't get an actual paycheck for his services, but he is rewarded with plenty of treats.

His owner says Border Collies are working dogs and having a job to do is enough to make Piper happy. 

Hard to look at: Dogs survive porcupine attack

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Three dogs playing outside in Canada found a porcupine, and one of them, in particular, is lucky to be alive after the porcupine responded with a defensive attack.

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The porcupine's quills punctured all three dogs, but Mahalo took the most, with some barbs affecting her heart and lungs. 

She has  had extensive surgeries to save her life, but is reportedly recovering.

Nestah's injuries also required surgery, but he's recovering well, with no permanent damage despite taking quills in the spine and cheeks. 

Soljah had only a few barbs to the chin, and they were removed without surgery. 

A friend set up a GoFundMe account to help with the veterinarian bills, and more than $15,000 was raised. The fundraising page remained open after donations were closed, to keep people up to date on the dogs' recovery.

Must-see: Diehard Seattle Seahawks fan gets team logo on prosthetic eye

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Never in his wildest dreams did Bill VandenBush think he would ever showcase the Seahawks logo on his prosthetic eye.

“I had mentioned it to my wife. She wasn’t a big Seahawks fan. I said it’d be cool to have Seahawks logo right there in my eye.”

For his 10th wedding anniversary on July 23, VandenBush’s wife surprised him with the eye he had set his sights on for years.

In 1969, VandenBush narrowly escaped death while fighting in Vietnam.

He recalls trying to rescue a crew of a downed helicopter when he was caught in gunfire.

“I was blown up and shot five times,” he said.

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As a result of the blast, VandenBush was left without a right eye and lost his vocal cords.

Every six years, VanderBush has to get fitted for a new eye.

This year, following the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl championship run, his wife wanted his new eye to be extra memorable.

With the help of Erickson Laboratories in Seattle, his wife surprised him with an eye that showcases the Seahawks logo as the pupil.

VandenBush has two artificial eyes that he uses – one with the Seahawks logo and another that looks like a normal eye.

He says he plans on wearing the Seahawks eye for all the “special occasions.”

“Every game I’ll have it in, or any gathering with Seahawks fans present.”

VandenBush has been a diehard fan since it was announced in the '70s that Seattle was getting a team.

He shrugs it off when people ask how he keeps such a positive outlook given his situation.

 “I believe that even though I have been totally disabled, I try to have a good time with it. With the voice and eye, I try to make the best of it. You have to play the cards you’re dealt. I volunteered to go to Vietnam, this is what happened, I have to live with it. I could be bitter and angry, or I can just have a good time with it.”

VandenBush is the author of “If Morning Never Comes,” a book that tells the story of his near-death experience in Vietnam in 1969.

City ticketing people for parking in their own driveways

Some Pittsburghers are being ticketed for parking in their own driveways under an obscure ordinance that requires them to pay $225 for a permit if they wish to park within 30 feet of a street.

City council members said they've been getting complaints about the tickets which are issued by the city's Bureau of Building Inspection.

John Jennings, the bureau's acting chief, said the agency is caught in the middle.

The bureau doesn't issue tickets unless residents complain and, often, those complaints aren't prompted by people who park in driveways but by those who create cement or gravel pads in front of their homes.

But those pads are often too close to the street and used to park larger commercial vehicles, which some residents consider eyesores.

Jeffrey Freedman, who lives in Squirrel Hill, said he received a letter stating he may no longer park in his own driveway without facing a fine.

“We have been living in Squirrel Hill for almost 18 years and we have been parking in the driveway for the same amount of time,” Freedman said. “It does request that we go to the building inspector to get a certificate of occupancy.”

Councilman Corey O’Connor said people in his district have received $1,000 to $2,300 fines. He’s now working to get those citations and fines thrown out.

O’Conner said he also hopes to get the ordinance changed so that cars are only required to be 3-5 feet from the sidewalk.

China police say aunt likely gouged out boy's eyes

State media say police in northern China suspect that the woman who gouged out a 6-year-old boy's eyes was his aunt who later killed herself by jumping into a well.

The official Xinhua News Agency cited police in the city of Linfen in Shanxi as saying the aunt was identified as a suspect after the boy's blood was found on her clothes.

State media say the boy, named Guo Bin, was lured by a woman into a field on Aug. 24 where she used an unspecified tool to gouge out his eyes.

Six days later, Zhang Huiying killed herself, though at the time media reports cited other relatives as saying they did not think she was responsible for the attack.

No motive has been cited.

Hunters kill record-setting 727-pound alligator

Mississippi has opened their alligator hunting season and within the first three days, the state record for the largest alligator has been broken -- twice. 

The first record was broken by a group of hunters from Madison when they bagged an alligator that weighed in at 723.5 pounds, which beat the previous heaviest male gator by 26 pounds. 

Yet, about an hour later, another group of hunters nabbed a 727-pound gator. The gator was shot and killed with a crossbow and measured 13-feet 4.5 inches. 

"He broke all the lines we could put in him. Finally put a snare on him and got him up high enough and put a shot on him. All in all probably took us four and a half hours to catch him from the first time we saw him," Bockman told MSNewsNow.com.

The heaviest alligator ever on official record - 1043 lbs - 1989, just outside of Gainsville Fla.

Mississippi alligator hunting season:

  • PUBLIC WATERS PERMITS: 12:00 noon August 30 - 12:00 noon September 9, 2013
  • PRIVATE LANDS PERMITS: 12:00 noon August 30 - 6:00 am September 23, 2013

Police: Would-be thieves foil getaway by hitting patrol car

After allegedly stealing a cellphone at an Atlanta-area restaurant, three would-be thieves drove away, probably thinking they had gotten away with it.

And they almost did.

At least until the driver failed to acknowledge a stop sign and collided with a police officer’s patrol car Thursday evening, Dunwoody police said.

No one was injured when the suspects’ white car hit the passenger side of the officer’s car around 6:15 p.m. But all three suspects were arrested without incident, the police department posted on its Facebook page late Thursday. The cellphone was returned to its owner.

The suspects’ names and charges were not released.

Fed up with 'crying,' Houston restaurant bans young kids

A Houston, Texas, seafood restaurant is rolling out a new restriction this week that bans children younger than eight-years-old after 7 pm. La Fisheria posted the new rules on their front door this week after getting complaints from customers over the weekend about unruly children.

LA FISHERIA AFTER 7:00PM....After 7:00 pm, people over eight years old only.For your understanding,Thank you.We are a familly friendly restaurant, and we also respect all of our customers so we introduce this new policy to the restaurant.thanks for your understanding.

KHOU in Houston talked to the restaurant's owner:

(Mexican reality TV star and executive chef Aquiles) Chavez called the decision a “tough” one but necessary to keep customers happy.“We find children that are crying, some kids running under tables, and our customers don’t like,” Chavez said. “Seven o’clock is not a time for children, especially when we serve drinks and wine.”

There are more than a hundred comments in reaction on La Fisheria's Facebook page:

  • This is discrimination!!!! just the same as if you didn't allow people in because of their race or religion. it amazes me at the level hypocrisy you all show right here when you agree with what this restaurant is doing. whats next let's ban fat people, from all you can eat buffet's because you don't like to see them take all the food. this is ridiculous. if you're not allowed to discriminate based on sex, race, or religious belief, then you shouldn't be allowed to discriminate simply because we have small children. I guess none of you Hypocrites were ever children and I'm sure you were all well behaved and never screamed in a restaurant. i hope this place get's sued...smh
  • Great idea!! Wish more restaurants would do this, or more parents would teach their children to behave.
  • If there had been a restaurant in my city that had that policy when myself or my brother were under eight...well, my folks would never set foot in there again. Not even after we turned eight. THOSE WHO GO AGAINST THE YOUTH WILL NEVER PROSPER.
  • I'm surprised more privately owned businesses aren't doing this. With all the hundreds, if not thousands of dining and entertainment options for families, why can't adults have a place to go? A place that ISN'T a bar or a strip club.

Wallet returned to Ga. man after 24 years

A suburban Atlanta man says a good Samaritan returned his wallet 24 years after he lost it. Burton Maugans, who now lives in Acworth, Ga., said he received a call from a stranger several weeks ago. “He introduced himself and said he knew my age, my name and my birth date,” Maugans told WSB-TV’s Rachel Stockman. “At first I could not remember losing a wallet,” Mauguns said. “But then, it’s the only wallet I’ve lost in my life, it came back pretty quickly. “The wallet is in decent condition, considering it spent 24 years lost somewhere near Holden Beach in North Carolina. Maugans said he lost the wallet while he was waterskiing when he was about 18 years old. “I forgot to take the wallet out of my pocket and I got in the water. As I got in, I realized it and I had already lost it,” Maugans said. Maugans received the wallet in the mail on Thursday from North Carolina resident Jim Parker.  Parker told Stockman he was on a walk with his wife on the beach when he spotted it. “Looking at it - it looked like it had been there for a week or two,” Parker explained. “I sprayed it off with a garden hose, and when I looked at the dates, I said wow this is really, really old.” Parker found Maugans by searching his name on the Internet and quickly was able to track him down. The wallet still contained Maugan’s high school identification from 1987, a library card, and even an old bank card.

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