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Mom sets daughter's head on fire trying to treat head lice

A Oklahoma mother is behind bars. She is accused of lighting her daughter on fire while trying to treat head lice.

Investigators said 25-year-old Shana Suggs poured gasoline on her daughter's head.

A nearby space heater caught the 5-year-old girl as well as Suggs on fire.

Police say Suggs' live-in boyfriend, Dylan Webster, ran into the bathroom and tried to put the flames out. That was unsuccessful so Webster grabbed a jacket from another room and was finally able to put the flames out.

Suggs and Webster dropped off the other four children that were in the home at the time at the homes of relatives.

After that, they took the girl to the hospital in McAlester, Okla., about 15 minutes away. That's where police were called.

The girl suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 60% of her body. She had to be taken to a Tulsa hospital with a burn unit then a Shriners' hospital to be treated.

Suggs was arrested and charged with felony child abuse by injury.

The child is out of the hospital and is in DHS custody.

Cops: Man with 'beer munchies' damaged vending machine after having sex in H.S.

A man and a woman were arrested after they broke into Mainland High School to have sex, and then vandalized the vending machines because the man said he had the "beer munchies," said police.  

Daytona Beach authorities arrested Vincent Ewell, 18, and Lindsay Longbottom, 19, after an officer found them in a car, trying to drive away.

Police said they found open doors and vandalized vending machines after an officer responded to a triggered alarm at the school.

The officer said he heard glass break and then saw the pair in a car.

The two also told police they broke into the school because they needed a place to have sex, so Longbottom's boyfriend would not find out.

Ewell and Longbottom are facing burglary charges.

Police: Woman threw feces at dog owner

An Austin woman who police say threw dog feces at a man she accused of not picking up after his pet was charged with aggravated assault this week.

Rebecca Trammell, 46, confronted the man at her apartment’s dog park in Northwest Austin on Tuesday, picked up dog feces and threw it at him, according to the affidavit for her arrest.

She admitted to police that she then picked up a jagged, 6-inch rock and threw it at the man, missing him, the affidavit says. Next, she spat in his face, the affidavit says.

Trammell told police that she then wanted to grab another man’s dog at the park because she said it wasn’t on a leash, according to the affidavit. When the man put himself between Trammell and his dog, she grabbed his leash, pulling it toward her and cutting the man’s right hand.f

The second man told police he witnessed Trammell throwing the dog feces at the first man, and that when she told the man to pick up his dog’s feces he yelled back that he was getting a bag.

Jail records show Trammell was still in custody Thursday evening. She also faces a misdemeanor charge of assault causing bodily injury.

Her bail is set at $12,000.

Man throwing concrete at hotel says zombies were chasing him

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A homeless man is in jail after throwing pieces of concrete at a St. Petersburg hotel. Police say 41-year-old David Allen Jensen told them he was trying to get inside the hotel early Wednesday because zombies were chasing him. They say he broke the glass at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront hotel with a doughnut-sized chunk of concrete used to protect sprinkler heads. The Tampa Bay Times (http://bit.ly/13563EL ) reports nearby security guards told police Jensen was trying to open doors to a number of cars. Jensen told police he was looking for tobacco. Jensen faces multiple charges, including burglary and throwing a deadly missile into a building. He remained in jail Thursday. Jail records did not list an attorney for Jensen.

Move over Puppy Bowl, here come the kitties

Perhaps someone at the Hallmark Channel noted the proliferation of cat videos on the Internet, or possibly someone just thought felines should have equal time when it comes to faux sporting events.

For whatever reason, the 2014 Superbowl will now have a new foe fighting for eyeballs -- the Kitten Bowl.

The three hour special will air beginning at noon, Eastern Time, February 2, 2014 on the Hallmark Channel.

It will, in the network's words, feature the "world’s most adorable – and adoptable – kittens in the mother lode of cat agility competition."

It goes on to say "the special, which will be presented annually, is supported by the network’s animal welfare partner, American Humane Association, and is just one of many high-profile commitments the company has made to its evergreen Pet Project initiative. With American Humane Association, Hallmark Channel’s in-house production team will scour rescue associations and shelters searching for kitty competitors whose enduring prize will be a loving, forever home."

“Creating another programming event to reinforce Hallmark Channel’s Pet Project, our corporate pet adoption and safety initiative, enhances the profile of the plight of shelter animals in our country while providing fun, family-oriented entertainment to our viewers. We are very proud of our association with American Humane Association and their support of our work in this area,” said Bill Abbott, President & CEO, Crown Media Family Networks, home of Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel.

The network added: "The agility competition will consist of a basic obstacle course of hurdles of varying heights, A-frame Alpine Scratchers, tunnels, hoop jumps, and weave poles. Lures, like laser pointers, and toys on a string will be used to get the kittens through the course, but food will not allowed. Cat agility competitions, which are modeled after the equestrian sport of show jumping, normally include rules which state that cats must complete a course in under 270 seconds, completing each obstacle in a prescribed manner. In a typical feline agility contest, a cat would complete between six and fourteen obstacles, with winning cats completing the course in ten seconds or less. In 'Kitten Bowl,' however, the competitors are kittens and any form of cuteness is the key to the game."

101-year-old marathoner retires from racing

Caiman onslaught in Puerto Rico

Guinness World Record breakers (and attempts)

Burmese python carrying 87 eggs sets state record at 17 feet, 7 inches

A Burmese python measuring 17 feet, 7 inches has shattered the record for the largest snake found in Florida.

Captured at the northern end of Everglades National Park, the snake — nearly two building stories tall — was nearly a foot longer than the previous state record of 16 feet, 8 inches, the University of Florida announced Monday.

It also was a mom, and a record-setting one at that. It was carrying a record-setting 87 eggs, two more than the previous mark.

And this Burmese python — an aggressive predator native to Southeast Asia and powerful enough to “eat anything it wants” — wasn’t alone in the wild. Earlier this year, the U.S. Geological Survey caught another snake in the same area that measured 16 feet, 6 inches.

“(It has been) a fairly big year for big pythons,” said Kristen Hart, a research ecologist with the survey. “We’re getting our heads around where some of these really big ones may be spending time. It’s not that often that you get really, really big ones. You get a bunch a medium-sized ones.

“The fact there are big ones out there means that we have a lot more work to do. But we are learning a lot from them as well.”

Pythons have become a huge issue for state wildlife managers. They’re aggressive enough to consume most other species they come into contact with — even deer and alligators. About 1,800 pythons have been removed from the park and nearby areas since 2002. Exotic snakes found the park have often been released there by pet owners.

“The people who have pets and can’t manage them may think that they’re doing a good thing for their pets by putting them out into the wild, but it’s disastrous for the environment,” Linda Friar, a spokeswoman for the park, said Monday.

Park officials are trying to “develop strategies to get to some sort of manageable level with this species, but we’re not there yet,” Friar said.

The 17-foot-7 python was initially captured March 6 and returned to the wild days later after being fitted with two radio transmitters and other devices to track its movements. The tracking was done as part of the organization’s “Judas” program, used to track where snakes meet to mate.

“We suspected that she might be a breeding female, so we wanted to get her activity pattern,” Hart said.

The snake was recaptured April 19 and euthanized shortly afterward, Hart said. The snake was in excellent health, said Kenneth Krysko, manager for the Florida Museum’s herpetology college. Its stomach contained feathers that will be identified by museum ornithologists.

A snake longer than 17 feet “could eat anything it wants,” Krysko said. “By learning what this animal has been eating and its reproductive status, it will hopefully give us insight into how to potentially manage other wild Burmese pythons.”

While this snake set a Florida record, it likely falls short of the world mark. Greg Longhurst of Loxahatchee Groves, who ran the snake park at Lion Country Safari in the last 1960s and early 1970s and has taught seminars on how to avoid and treat snake bites, was not surprised a python of that size had been discovered.

“In their native habitat, they reach sizes like that,” he said. “That is a record for here in Florida, so far. (But) they have been known to get up to 20 feet or so.”

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