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Set Times


Side Stage

  • National Anthem - 2:00pm
  • Swon Brothers  
  • Chuck Wicks  
  • Frankie Ballard  
  • Brothers Osborne 

Main Stage

  • Parmalee 
  • Gloriana 
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Rascal Flatts

Need to Know for ADITC

Some things you need to know to make A Day in the Country 2016 as wonderful as possible:

Directions and Parking to Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in the Woodlands:

FREE PARKING DIRECTIONSFollow these directions to take you to the FREE parking lots that surround The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

FROM DOWNTOWN HOUSTONTake Interstate 45 or the Hardy Toll Road north. Exit Woodlands Parkway. Go straight thru the Six Pines Drive light and follow the signs to the next available free parking lot.

FROM CONROETake Interstate 45 south. Exit Research Forest Drive. Turn right on Research Forest Drive. Take a left onto Grogan’s Mill Road. Continue on Grogan’s Mill Road. Proceed to Timberloch Place and follow the signs to the next available free lot. From Timberloch Place you can access the Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and White free lots.

PAY & PRE-PAID PARKING DIRECTIONSFollow these directions to take you to the PAY parking at Entrance 2 of the Gold Lot parking garage at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Parking spaces are limited, but you can pre-pay for parking to reserve a space at Ticketmaster or The Pavilion Box Office. Pay parking may sell-out before an event takes places. Check out the event pages on this site to see if parking is sold-out before you to come to an event.

FROM DOWNTOWN HOUSTONTake Interstate 45 or the Hardy Toll Road north. Exit Woodlands Parkway. Turn right on Six Pines Dr. Follow the signs to the Pre-Paid Parking/Gold Lot.

FROM CONROETake Interstate 45 or the Hardy Toll Road north. Exit Research Forest Drive. Turn right on Research Forest Drive. Take a left onto Grogan’s Mill Road. Continue on Grogan's Mill Road and follow the signs to the Pre-Paid Parking/Gold Lot.

DROP-OFF DIRECTIONSFollow these directions to take you to the Drop-Off Area at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

FROM DOWNTOWN HOUSTONTake Interstate 45 or the Hardy Toll Road north. Exit Woodlands Parkway. Go straight thru the Six Pines Drive light, and take the Grogans Mill Road exit.  Turn right onto Grogans Mill Road.  Turn right onto Lake Robbins Drive. 

FROM CONROETake Interstate 45 south. Exit Rearch Forest Drive. Turn right on Research Forest Drive. Take a left on Grogan's Mill Road. Continue on Grogan's Mill Road. Take a left on Lake Robbins Drive.

In the interest of public safety, guests are always subject to a search upon entering the facility. Guests who refuse to be searched may be denied entrance and refunded their ticket purchase price (excluding service charge fees). The Pavilion's search policy is generally dictated by the type of event and the probability of guests carrying prohibited items into The Pavilion. Once again, all guests are subject to a search.

The Pavilion will no longer accept purses, backpacks or bags of any kind at our Information Booths. Bags, unless restricted by the event, will still be allowed into the facility, with a security check at the gate. This is in an effort to better secure the venue and ensure safety of our guests.

For example, at events like Buzzfest, where there is a size restriction on purses, bags and backpacks, guests will not be allowed to leave such items that are larger than the size permitted at any of the Information booths. Guests should leave these items at home or secured in their vehicles.

More info on what you can and can't bring into Pavilion.

Seating Chart at CWMP

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Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts


Since their musical debut in 2000, Rascal Flatts has over 22.5 million albums sold and over 28 million digital downloads and delivered 14 #1 singles to the top of the charts. Rascal Flatts is the most awarded Country group of the past decade, earning over 40 trophies from the ACAs, ACMs, AMAs, CMAs, People's Choice Awards and more. As one of the hottest-selling acts on tour in any genre, they’ve sold over 7 million concert tickets, and counting.

The journey began when Jay and Gary, from the Columbus, Ohio, area, and Joe Don, from Picher, Oklahoma, teamed up in a club in Nashville's Printers Alley. “We knew right away we had something special,” says Jay, “even if we were the only ones who ever got to hear it.” They weren’t. They quickly earned a record deal and talent, drive, and great song selection did the rest. Their list of hits constitutes one of the great bodies of work in modern country music, with "These Days," "Bless the Broken Road," "What Hurts The Most," "My Wish," "Take Me There" and "Here Comes Goodbye" as just the tip of an ever-expanding iceberg. Their performances are state-of-the art, house-rocking extravaganzas, sold-out excursions into musical excitement that have included as opening acts some of this generation's great artists, including Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean.

Rascal Flatts Official Website

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Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow

“Feels Like Home may be the most focused album I’ve ever made,” Sheryl Crow says of her debut album for Warner Nashville, the label based in Music City where Crow choose to settle and raise her children years ago. “All of my albums have had a few different styles going on in them, and this album definitely has a few different takes on what country music means to me, but not calculatedly so. First and foremost, I just wanted to make sure that for this album I wrote about were things that I really knew about – subject that hit close to home.Full of great storytelling and featuring some of the most powerful and heartfelt vocals of Crow’s career, Feels Like Home is literally an album that this proud daughter of Kennett, Missouri was born to make. “Country music is rightly suspicious of carpetbaggers who jump on a bandwagon, but in my case, this world in Nashville really does feel like home. I grew up three and a half hours from Nashville, and my parent just moved out of that home that I grew up in recently. So I grew up in a community that was all farmland and churches and school and a town square. So country is where I come from, and that’s the kind of life I wanted to give my kids, and you can find that sort of life here in Nashville. Even though Nashville has so much more to offer, there is still a small town feel that I love.

This is not Sheryl Crow’s first musical rodeo. She is, after all, a nine-time Grammy Award winner who has sold more than 50 million albums around the world. Still, Feels Like Home captures the sound of a great and established artist enjoying a kind of fresh start. Feels Like Home really got started with Crow, Paisley and Chris DuBois -- one his frequent collaborators – penning one of the albums’ standout tracks “Waterproof Mascara,” a stunning song that recalls classics by some of country’s greatest female vocalists like Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, the latter of whom Crow sang with, along with friend Miranda Lambert on the CMA Awards in 2011. According to Crow, “It meant so much that a great country artist like Brad put his faith in me, there wasn’t a label at that point – Brad just believed we’d land in the right home here, and I do believe with Warner Nashville, I’m on the greatest label for me now. I feel spoiled to be around people who are on fire for music -- especially after being in another situation that did not feel like that.

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From this tiny town that’s home to a gas station, two blinking yellow lights, and a small tin- roofed barn dubbed Studio B, country rockers Parmalee launched their long journey to Nashville. The near-fatal robbery Parmalee experienced after a show would have destroyed most bands. But brothers Matt and Scott Thomas, cousin Barry Knox and longtime friend Josh McSwain didn’t call it quits. Instead it reinforced their intense motivation and dedication to one another and to their determination to succeed.

Each obstacle that delayed Parmalee’s arrival to Nashville was an extra mile that allowed the groundbreaking sounds of artists like Jason Aldean and Eric Church to pave the way for the worlds of country radio and Parmalee’s brand of country music to meet at the perfect crossroad.

Parmalee’s country rock sound has its roots in the bluegrass, traditional country, southern rock and blues covers the guys grew up hearing their families play.

Parmalee's Official Website

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Gloriana is an American country music group founded in 2008. It is composed of brothers Tom Gossin and Mike Gossin (vocals, guitar), as well as Rachel Reinert (vocals, tambourine).

Brothers Tom and Mike Gossin were born in Utica, New York. They both took classical piano lessons from age 5. At 10, Tom began studying jazz with a local jazz musician and at 12, he began to play the guitar. Tom, along with third Gossin brother Stephen, founded their own band "Oblique" in high school. Stephen and Tom later moved to Wilmington, North Carolina together, where they attended University of North Carolina at Wilmington, with Tom majoring in guitar. After a professor suggested that he pursue songwriting and performing, Tom dropped out of the university and started playing music and selling independent records at gigs he played. Mike learned drums at age 8 and, like Tom, started playing guitar at 12. He moved to Wilmington after high school to join Tom there. He joined a group with Tom and Stephen during which time they filmed a reality series that did not last long. Tom and Mike moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where they began performing as a duo.

Rachel Reinert, a native of Sarasota, Florida, went to high school in Santa Ana, California. She attended a performing arts school starting at age 7 and then started playing the guitar. She also started turning her poetry into songs. With a teacher's help, she began recording demos, and was signed to a publishing deal at age 15. She moved to Nashville, and was working on her songwriting skills when she met the Gossins, who found her through her MySpace page.

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Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne


For John and TJ Osborne, getting into music was unavoidable. Growing up in the water town of Deale, Maryland, their close-nit-family of seven spent most nights not in front of the television, but writing and playing songs. The Brothers’ father had a shed behind their home that he used for small performances for friends and family. John and TJ could be caught listening in on their father’s playing or fetching beers for pocket change. Later their father would convert that shed into a home studio where their parents would write and record songs.

John (guitar) moved to Nashville first to play in other bands. Two years later, TJ (vocals/guitar) moved to Nashville. It was then they formed Brothers Osborne and began playing as many writer rounds as they could. In April 2011, Warner Chappell/King Pen Music offered them a publishing deal. A year later, Capitol Records offered them a record deal. The Brothers Osborne are currently in the studio finishing their debut album, an album they describe as “aggressive, bold and fragile at times.” More to come from Brothers Osborne in 2013.

Brothers Osborne website

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63 items
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