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Photographer seeks couple captured in marriage proposal shot 

A Michigan photographer took a breathtaking photo of a marriage proposal at Yosemite National Park last week. Now, he’s trying to find that couple and is asking for help on social media, WOOD-TV reported.

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Matthew Dippel of Grand Rapids was on a road trip in California with a friend and was hiking near Taft Point when he decided to stop and take pictures, WLIX reported. That’s when he saw the marriage proposal and quickly snapped a photograph.

"I looked at my camera right after to make sure that I actually got it and I was wowed. That's an incredible shot," Dippel told WOOD.

Dippel and his friend walked to Taft Point and tried to find the couple, but they had already left.

Dippel asked several people, but no one knew who they were, WLIX reported.

"I walked over there to go try to figure out who the couple was. I asked maybe 20-25 people and nobody knew who they were," Dippel told WOOD.

Dippel decided to post his shot on social media, hoping the couple could be identified. He has posted on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

"Honestly I'd like to give them just a big print of the photo because it's such an incredible moment,” Dippel told WOOD. "It's a very cherished moment that hopefully they can see this photo and be able to relive that moment on that cliff.”

Keith Urban makes wish come true for dying fan

Keith Urban visited his “number one fan” before a concert in Toledo, making a wish come true for a 25-year-old woman entering hospice.

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Marissa English, who was born with multiple health issues including an inoperable cyst in her brain, also suffers from cerebral palsy and severe scoliosis, local media reported. English had tickets to Urban’s show in Toledo on Thursday, but she was unable to attend the concert.

English will enter hospice. Nurses started a social media campaign to get the attention of Urban before the concert. The country star paid a visit to English at the Mercy Health Children’s Hospital, singing her a song and inviting several family members to his concert.

Urban dedicated Thursday’s concert to English.

Illinois dad designs Beetlejuice costume for son with cerebral palsy

An Illinois boy with cerebral palsy is unable to dress himself, but that won’t prevent him from having fun on Halloween.

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Anthony Alfano, 9, of Melrose Park, will be dressed in a costume his father makes from scratch, WLS reported. This year, Anthony's costume will showcase the waiting room scene from the movie “Beetlejuice." Anthony’s father, Tony Alfano, built a mock couch around Anthony's old wheelchair, and there are mannequins on either side of Anthony's seat.

"He's always seen as Anthony the boy that can't do nothing,” Alfano told WLS. “I just want to make him not be seen that way. Halloween costume is like the best disguise.”

"He has like a stigma for having special needs,” Anthony’s mother, Deanna Alfaro, told the television station. So this is a way that they look at him and they see this like bright, happy kid and it makes them feel good; in return puts a smile on his face when he gets all the attention.”

In the past, Alfano’s costumes have included Mini-Me, a Chicago Blackhawks goalie and Zoltar, WLS reported.

Last year, Anthony was dressed like the set of the television game show, “Wheel of Fortune.” That get-up got the boy invited to the show’s set in Los Angeles, the television station reported.

"We got to go and see and meet Pat (Sajak) and Vanna (White) and watch two live tapings and Anthony was ecstatic," Deanna Alfano told WLS.

Tony Alfano described it as "the best feeling ever," comparing it to "watching your kid hit a home run in a baseball game."

Keith Urban concert in North Dakota raises $5,000 for school charity 

Country music singer Keith Urban’s concert in North Dakota proved to be beneficial for a school charity, the Grand Forks Herald reported.

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Urban, playing in Grand Forks as part of his “Graffiti U” tour, received a $5,000 donation from the Engelstad Foundation for the charity of his choice, the newspaper reported. Urban decided to give the money to the Grand Forks Public Schools Music Program.

The donation will fully fund new guitar classes at Red River and Central high schools, the Herald reported.

Both high schools recently added guitar programs, and now every student can participate with a guitar, the newspaper reported.

Texas business offering free tattoos for toy donations

Toys for tattoos is catching on in South Texas.

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Residents looking for a bargain on tattoos can find a good deal in San Antonio while helping flood victims, WOAI reported.

Platinum Tattoos & Body Piercings is running a promotion called “Toy4Tats,” the television station reported. The San Antonio business is offering a free tattoo worth $60 for customers who bring a children’s toy worth at least $20.

All toys will go to children affected by the recent flooding in South Texas, WOAI reported.

The event will run through Nov. 17. From Nov. 17 through Dec. 31, all donations will go toward Toy4Tats’ annual Christmas drive.

If customers want a tattoo valued at more than $100 and bring a toy worth $20, they will receive an $80 discount, WOAI reported.

Canadian Girl Guide, 9, sells out of cookies in front of cannabis store

On the first day of legal sales of cannabis from Canadian retail stores, a 9-year-old Girl Guide saw her chance to cash in. 

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Elina Childs of Edmonton and her father showed up at Nova Cannabis on Wednesday, pulling a wagon full of cookies, CBC reported.

Elina sold all 30 boxes in less than 45 minutes, earning $120.

"It amazed me how quickly they went," Elina’s father, Seann Childs, told CBC. "Even people in cars driving on the avenue there would stop and roll down their window and ask for cookies." 

Elina told CTV News Channel that it was her father’s idea to sell the cookies. Childs said he got the idea after hearing that a Girl Scout in San Diego used a similar marketing ploy in February after recreational marijuana was legalized in California, CBC reported. That girl sold 312 boxes of cookies in a few hours during Super Bowl weekend.

>> California Girl Scout sells 312 boxes of cookies near pot dispensary

Elina has cystic fibrosis and usually cannot be near people who smoke, but Childs saw it as chance for his daughter to benefit from pot smokers.

"We were looking at it as an opportunity to educate her on what marijuana is and the fact that it's legal in Canada now," Childs told CBC. "Everybody we met was incredibly friendly, it was a great atmosphere and there was not a single thing going on in that line that I saw that I would just say, 'Oh, my God, I need to shield your eyes from this.'

"Everybody was respectful, everybody was happy, and she walked away from it as this incredibly positive experience as well as selling out all her Brownie cookies. She can go and be happy that she'd done that and help support the Guides too."

Michigan pizza shop employee makes 225-mile delivery to cancer patient

It was just about closing time at Steve’s Pizza when Dalton Shaffer heard the phone ring. 

A man named David Dalke was on the other end. 

The pizza shop was his daughter Julie Morgan’s favorite, he said. 

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Julie and her husband Rich Morgan lived near the shop for about two years and would get a pizza for dinner on payday, the Battle Creek Enquirer reported

Even after they moved away, they compared pizzas they ate to Steve’s. None were a match. That was 25 years ago.

As a trip down memory lane and to celebrate her birthday, the Morgans planned to go to the shop for a pie in September. However, they recently found out Rich had cancer, with days, maybe weeks to live. 

They were at a hospital in Indianapolis, about 225 miles from Steve’s.

As Dalke shared this with Shaffer, 18, an assistant manager at the shop his uncle owns, the employee asked what kind of pizzas they would like. Although the shop doesn’t offer delivery, Shaffer said he would take the pies to the family. 

Dalke was overwhelmed.

“I thought maybe just some contact from Steve’s Pizza, maybe a note, I thought I might be asking too much, but I contacted them,” Dalke told the Enquirer. “It was almost like he was just making a delivery across town.”

It was around 2:30 a.m. when Shaffer delivered two 16-inch pizzas, a pepperoni and a mushroom and pepperoni. 

Shaffer refused payment for the pizzas and the three-and-a-half hour one-way drive to deliver them, although he eventually reluctantly took some money Dalke pushed into his hand, the Enquirer reported.

Dalke also offered to put him up for the night in a hotel, however, Shaffer had to work later that day. 

“I just wanted to do that for them. I just wanted to make them happy,” Shaffer told the Enquirer. “I just hope people could keep that family in mind and pray for them.” 

Julie and Rich awoke later that morning to the surprise pizzas.

“The kids all came in and told us, and I cried and couldn’t believe it,” Julie Morgan told the Enquirer.

A couple of days later, she shared the story on Facebook.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Tennessee angler's catch certified as world record

A Tennessee man who reeled in a big fish learned that his catch was a world record, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

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Lionel Ferguson, of Philadelphia, Tennessee, hauled in a black crappie weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces, on May 15, the newspaper reported. The International Game Fish Association announced that Ferguson officially broke the previous world record of 5 pounds set in 200 by John R. Horstman.

Ferguson caught the fish at Richeison Pond in Loudon County, the News Sentinel reported. 

"When I caught the fish, I was hollering,” Ferguson told the newspaper. “Most people probably thought somebody shot me."

Ferguson already held the state record for the fish, as the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency confirmed the fish’s size in June, WBIR reported. The previous mark had stood since 1985, when Clyde Freeman caught a 4-pound, 4-ounce black crappie, the television station reported.

A TWRA biologist sent a clipping of the fish’s fin for DNA testing to ensure it was not a hybrid, WBIR reported.

The IGFA receives 500 world record applications annually, and keeps 1,472 different species records internationally. 

Montana waitress parlays tip into $70,000 lottery jackpot

A generous tip from a customer became even more lucrative for a Montana waitress, who parlayed it into a $70,000 payday, KRTV reported.

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According to a Montana Lottery news release, Roselea Hunts Along was finishing her shift at the Kirby Saloon in Busby when a customer won $500. The customer decided to tip Hunts Along $50, and the waitress used the cash to buy a 20X Scratch ticket, according to the news release.

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After her shift, Hunts Along scratched the ticket and found a $70,000 winner.

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Hunts Along told Montana Lottery officials that she has no immediate plans on how to spend the money. For now, she said, she will deposit her winnings in the bank.

Grieving mom's heartwarming act of kindness at Florida Publix goes viral

A Publix employee in Jacksonville, Florida, took to Facebook after a kind gesture by a grieving mom.

Nick DeClemente said he was at work Oct. 10 when a woman walked up to the bakery counter and asked if there were any first birthday cakes on order.

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He said he asked for the customer name, thinking she wanted to pay for a specific person.

DeClemente said she replied no, that she wanted to anonymously pay for a cake.

"She then started to tear up and tell me that she had a stillborn child a year ago and in tribute to him she wanted to pay for someone else's cake," he wrote on Facebook. "I went to the cake order drawer and found this one. She told me thank you and appreciated that I let her do this."

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DeClemente said it was one of the most touching things he'd seen in all of his years working in retail.

"I hope that this lady finds peace through this tribute and that the customer receiving this gift will, if nothing else, pay it forward," he said.

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DeClemente said he hopes to see the mom again, so he can share with her all of the positive comments he's gotten since sharing the story.

Daughter of officer killed in 9/11 attacks graduates from NYPD police academy

The daughter of a police officer who died during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks graduated from the New York Police Department Police Academy on Monday, WPIX reported.

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Jillian Suarez, 26, said she wanted to continue the legacy of her father, Ramon Suarez, who was killed while trying to save people at the World Trade Center.

“When the confetti came down, I felt him hugging me,” Suarez told reporters after the ceremony. “I’ve always loved law enforcement, but obviously when my dad had passed away, I realized that I wanted to follow his footsteps, and I want to continue the legacy.”

Suarez, had turned 9 two days before the terrorist attacks.

Ramon Suarez, 45, and his partner, Mark Ellis, were New York Police Department officers who commandeered a taxi cab and drove it to the World Trade Center after they heard that two planes had crashed into the buildings, the New York Post reported.

Suarez ran into north tower three times, saving an asthmatic woman and then a woman who was seven months pregnant, the newspaper reported. He died during his third trip into the building. Ellis also died that day, the Post reported.

“I know your dad is proud you're wearing his shield today Jillian and so are we," NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said during the ceremony. "Congratulations, Police Officer Suarez."

Suarez will be wearing her father’s shield number -- 12671 -- when she begins work in New York’s Ninth Precinct, the Post reported.

Homeless man lands job, place to live after town rallies behind him

A Massachusetts community is pulling out all the stops to rally behind a homeless man after a good Samaritan paved the way.

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Jimmy Daniel has been living in the woods for the past three years in a tent. Now, he has a place to live and a job thanks to complete strangers and one man who started it all. 

Tim Murdock was making a delivery when he spotted Daniel sitting on the side of the road with a sign and his puppy. Wanting to help out in any way, Murdock gave him a $20 Stop & Shop gift card and posted his encounter on "The Friends of Medway" Facebook page. 

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"He stood up in tears and [said], 'Thank you so much' and immediately got off the corner and went to Stop & Shop to get food," Murdock told WFXT's Chris Flanagan. "It felt amazing." 

Murdock created a GoFundMe page for Daniel as well, titling it, "Let's Change a Life."

And that is exactly what happened.

After Murdock's Facebook post caught steam, the response from the community of Medway has been fast and furious. Strangers have donated food, clothes, bikes, a cellphone and even vaccinations for Daniel's puppy.

Someone also donated a trailer. 

Daniel is now living in the trailer, which is sitting in a woman's yard. Katherine Hanrahan-Tingley said she was so moved after reading about Daniel on the Facebook page that she offered to let him park the trailer on her property for free. 

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"It was a lot different, a lot quieter. I didn't get the train waking me up," said Daniel about his new living situation. "I was comfortable, overwhelmed. Still I woke up and realized, 'Wow, I'm in a trailer. I'm not in a tent anymore.'"

Along with a place to live and food to eat, a local car dealership offered Daniel a job that he starts on Tuesday.

"There's so much stuff I'm constantly going through," said Daniel. "It's really overwhelming but really amazing at the same time." 

The town of Medway said they are providing Daniel with outreach services to help him get back on his feet, but the camper must be off the property by Dec. 1 because of a town ordinance violation.

California teen bitten by great white shark gets lifetime fishing license

A California teen bitten by a great white shark two weeks ago was given a lifetime fishing license by state authorities, KNSD reported.

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The California Wildlife Officers Foundation presented Keane Webre-Hayes with the license Saturday at the foundation’s Wags and Waves event, along with additional lifetime fishing privileges, KFMB reported.

Webre-Hayes, 13, was diving for lobster in Encinitas when the shark attacked him on Sept. 30, the television station reported. 

“For them to give me one for life means I go catch as many lobsters as I want,” Webre-Hayes told reporters.

Webre-Hayes stayed in the hospital for a week after the attack, KNSD reported.

The Wags and Waves event featured K-9 animals and wildlife officers who enforce fish, wildlife, and habitat laws.

Mom takes kids shopping for snow boots, finds mice family living in footwear, adopts them

A trip to Kmart for snow shoes made a family increase by eight new members. Shasta Riederer took her boys to the Bismarck store last week to find new snow boots, but when they found a pair something rolled of the boot. The boys told their mom. 

“He goes, ‘Mom, look,’” Riederer told WDAY. “I thought it was Vienna sausages rolling around the floor until they started moving, but then we heard them squeaking.”

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Apparently a family of mice made the warm boots their home. When it was all said and done, Riederer counted seven newborns and mama, WDAY reported

The boys asked mom if they could take the little family home, and since the store didn’t have mice in its inventory, they happily obliged.  

“I let the kids take them home, let them get a fish tank for them, kids put them in there and they were happy ever since,” Riederer told WDAY.

Two of the babies have died, according to a post by Riederer. 

Riederer said she will release the remaining members of the mice family to the wild once they’re old enough, WDAY reported

As for the Kmart, store officials said they checked other footwear for signs of animals, and none were found, but they did bring in pest control to spray the store, WDAY reported

Proceeds from 40-pound, $2,000 pizza will go to Hurricane Florence victims

40-pound pizza you can only find in New York City goes for $2,000.

>> Watch the news report here

However, the owner of Champion Pizza said every penny he makes off the cheeseburger pie will go toward Hurricane Florence victims in North Carolina.

>> On WSOCTV.com: GOP lawmakers say they're ready to OK $800M in Florence aid

The pizza has five layers and takes a lot of preparation.

It’s so big that at least two people have to load it into the oven, and the pizza has to be split in half to fit.

The pizza is sold at seven locations across New York City.

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"I wish or I hope like someone who likes pizza and makes $100,000 – you never know – maybe someone will buy that,” owner Hakki Akdeniz said.

6-year-old boy with diabetes sells pumpkins to buy service dog

A 6-year-old boy with diabetes is selling pumpkins to help raise money for a service dog that would alert him when his blood sugar levels drop. 

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Because of his condition, Ian Unger, a kindergartner at MacNaughton Elementary School, is not allowed to ride the bus without a trained aide, in case of emergency, his mother, Katrina Christensen, told WZZM

“We asked for one; it was declined,” Christensen told WZZM. “Their plan was to put him on an empty bus by himself and take him to school after school starts. And for Ian, he’s so social. He was devastated.”

Instead, Ian started growing pumpkins in order to sell them to raise money for a service dog. The family sold 150 gourds Friday. 

People have donated money and more pumpkins after the family ran out.

"I was in tears all day with all these people coming, and just the love they are showing to him is amazing," Christensen told WZZM.

The family has raised more than $5,000 through a fundraising effort on Facebook. The cost of the dog is more than $25,000.

New York first-grader has tearful reunion with military dad

A New York first-grader received a joyous surprise Friday during a school assembly about Veterans Day, as she was reunited with her father, who had been deployed in Dubai, WABC reported.

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Students, staff and parents at Plaza Elementary School cheered when 6-year-old Brooklyn Reyes was reunited with her father, Air Force Staff Sgt. Jason Reyes, the television station reported.

The Long Island school staged a Veterans Day lesson in the school’s gymnasium on Friday. When a teacher asked if any children had parents in the military, Brooke was chosen to come to the front of the gym.

She talked about her father, who had been in Dubai the last four months and had yet to meet Bianca, his 2-month-old daughter, WCBS reported.

"My dad is a veteran that he does so hard and that I miss him a lot and that he helps our country," Brooke said. 

That’s when Reyes, 35, appeared in the gym, and Brooke’s reaction was priceless.

"I held her, and I just started crying," Reyes told reporters. "My words, my emotions, everything -- everything was just gone. I was just crying."

Reyes has served two tours of duty overseas but will be home with his family for at least the next two years, WCBS reported.

Brooke said she has big plans for her dad, WABC reported.

“Get home and eat and play with him,” she told WCBS.

Trash collector gives boy, 2, toy garbage truck

Mondays are special at the Markey house. 

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When Ben, 2, hears the truck's rumble, he runs to grab two candy bars. The trash collector has come. He stops to say hello and shares a high-five with the boy, WJW reported

This week Ben got a surprise of his own from the trash collector -- a toy garbage truck of his own. 

"He is the sweetest service man and is always so nice to my son," mother Liz Markey told WJW. "This is just a huge reminder of how far a little kindness and love can go."

Houston kids with disabilities will strut Halloween costumes in fashion show

A stroll -- and in some cases, a roll -- down a runway will help Texas kids with disabilities rock their Halloween fashions, KHOU reported.

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The Stroll and Roll will be held Oct. 20 in Houston. It is sponsored by the John Fair III Spinal Cord Injury Foundation, which hosts events for youths with disabilities so they can bond with one another, the television station reported.

Children will be fitted with Halloween costumes made by students at the Houston Art Institute, and then they will walk or -- if in a wheelchair -- roll down a runway, KHOU reported.

“This fashion show is going to be off the chain this year,” John Fair, III, one of the participants, told the television station.

The foundation in his name was started by Fair and his mother, Cassandra.

“It’s very important we get back on our feet again, get back to walking again, regaining our youth,” Fair said.

Three years of surgery to repair scoliosis left Fair paralyzed from the chest down.

“It’s hard sometimes, but that’s life,” he told KHOU.

“For awhile, he was very, very depressed, but the Williams Syndrome kicked in,” Cassandra told the television station. “It’s characterized by really no matter what you’re going through, you’re going to see the bright side of it. You’re going to focus on the positive and not the negative.”

One of those positive thoughts was a fashion show to help kids cope with disabilities by having some fun.

“Everyone likes fashion shows,” Fair told KHOU.

It may not be “Project Runway,” but it is a heartwarming event.

“It makes you just so proud to be a part of something like this, and how you want to get more people involved and what could we do to make this a bigger event,” Manisha Sista, whose husband’s business sponsors the event, told the television station.

11-year-old suffering from rare genetic disorder scores TD for Massachusetts college

Touchdowns are always a good thing for any football team, but a recent score on a Massachusetts’ college gridiron had a little extra meaning.

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A local Nichols College fan, an 11-year-old girl named Alana Inslee, who suffers from acrodysotosis and hydrocephalus, was honored on her birthday with a special moment on her favorite team's field.

Acrodysostosis causes growth delays and small hands and feet with fingers and toes that are shorter than usual.

Meanwhile, hydrocephalus increases the size of ventricles deep within the brain, putting pressure on the brain and leading to a larger head than usual.

While the Nichols College football team battles various opponents throughout the season, Alana battles her disorders, and sticks around as a fan of the team.

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In honor of her dedication, the team honored her by letting her score a touchdown at practice, and had everyone sign a jersey as a gift before taking pictures and videos with her.

The team tweeted out the special moment, saying, "We've had some great touchdowns scored this season on the field, but we think this is the best one!"

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